Who is Bulk SMS for?

At this time and age, everyone carries a mobile phone on their person at almost all times – that is why Bulk SMS is the perfect marketing tool for any business’ promotional ventures and expansion. Did you know that almost 90% of Web SMS sent by businesses generates an average of 40% response from their target audience? Text messages will not only allow you to reach your audience instantly, but it will also notify them about the existence of your company’s products and services.

Aside from blasting promotions, our Bulk SMS service can also be used for other purposes. Businesses, schools, and organisations can use mass text messages to effectively inform members about programs, events, or meetings. They can also be used to send alerts in emergency cases and whole lot more.

At Moobig, the more SMSes you send from our platform, the cheaper it is to do so. Our packages offer services catered to all businesses, big or small. Moobig will also provide you an easy-to-handle system for you to manage your text campaigns. So what are you waiting for? Join us today!