We Have The Solution for These 2 Problems When It Comes To SMS Marketing

The most convenient way to reach your customer is through marketing. So, using SMS as a marketing platform is the perfect choice. However, perhaps some people think that marketing via SMS is not that perfect.

Firstly, they think that SMS is a very limited space for advertisement. It is hard to cram every detail in a single message that is restricted to only 160 characters. When you cannot put it too much detail, customers do not feel the urge to read your message.

Which bring us to the second point, it is hard to engage customers either to respond or act. SMS messages are just words, and unlike other advertisements that have visuals, the probability for your customers to be engaged is high.

Nevertheless, despite the two problems mentioned above, each of them has its solution. Regarding the limited space, you will be more mindful of what you can and cannot put in a message. So make it simple and straightforward.

Meanwhile about engagement, it really goes back to how you craft your messages. Find the right keyword that will make your customers to act when they read them.

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