Cut Marketing Cost With SMS Marketing

It is safe to say that majority of people have at least a smartphone. Hence, bulk SMS is a preferred method by companies all around the world. Its main benefit is, your customers will receive your messages because SMS does not have Spam filter.

Here at Moobig, we offer affordable packages when it comes to bulk SMS. In fact, we are known as the company that provide the cheapest SMS marketing provider.

When you compare to other advertising tools such as print and social media, our rates are as low as RM0.05 per SMS. Not only that we are much affordable, our SMS gateway also allows you to send messages to thousands of customers anytime.

SMS Marketing

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Go Green with SMS Marketing

Back in the day, advertiser would print out their ads. In fact, some people still do this but, it is not sustainable. Nowadays, we are all about going green.

With that in mind, SMS marketing is one of affordable marketing solutions. Here at Moobig, we offer SMS blast packages starting from RM0.06 each SMS. SMS marketing is a great tool as majority of your customers will read the messages.

Since you do not need to print anything, bulk SMS services do not need large manpower. All you have to do is craft your messages no more than 160 characters and hit send.

In a nutshell, SMS blast software is environment friendly way to promote your business. And you are hitting two birds with one stone; spend less in advertising but get high return and helping to preserve the environment for future generations.

affordable marketing solutions

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Turn Prospects in to Business with Bulk SMS

Most people would read a text messages. Hence, when you subscribed to our Bulk SMS service, the chances of people reading your messages are higher compared to other marketing strategies like email or printed advertisement.

Besides, for small-medium businesses, it is not wise to spend a large sum of money on flyers and distribute them in public. Because the chance of prospects turn in to your customers is low.

Hence, marketing strategy via Bulk SMS is seen as an effective selection of ads with segmented targets. For that reason, the possibility of your prospects turn in to business is very high.

Bulk SMS for business


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“My SMS marketing didn’t work. Why?”

Most of small or start up business owner make tons of mistakes over and over again on sending SMS blast or SMS Marketing to their consumers while all they can think about is only the benefit of SMS blast package they subscribed to. Some even go big by subscribing to international SMS gateway, but still, they keep making mistake which will damage their connection with consumers and the prospects of the company, and it cost a lot of money! So to help you make a huge success, even by using cheapest SMS gateway provider, we have three simple but major mistake to avoid.

SMS Marketing

1)Bad timing

Timing is always a major and key element to a successful campaign in every media platform, including SMS. You need to know and do a research on when your target market consumer normally or more likely to look at their phone to ensure that your SMS marketing will catch their eye. Even though almost 80% people will read every text message, if you send your message in the bad timing, such as on overnight, there is a chance that they might read it late or even miss it. So do your research!

2)Generic content

Being too generic and didn’t make your message to the point is one of many reasons that people will not read your text message. General content will confuse consumer’s mind which will have a bad impact to your company. If you want to give a coupon or special offer, make sure to mention it in the first few sentences, or your reader will be gone-gone.

3)Overload message

Yes, sending message more than one time is nice, but receiving too many text messages in a week or a month? It can be a real pain and make consumers opt-out. So remember to check your SMS Marketing frequency.

Don’ts in SMS marketing that will ensure your success

There is no guarantee of every promotion will increase business profit. However, we always try our best to make it happen right? Moobig, as promotional SMS service, has some tips on what’s should your business don’ts in SMS marketing. This tips will ensure your success.

Promotional SMS

a)Don’t send in inappropriate time

Same with any other media, you can’t expect someone to read or even open your promotional SMS when you send it in the middle of the night, or when they just wake up and currently driving to work. That’s why media like TV and radio have prime time. And so does SMS. Just don’t waste your money on SMS Aggregator by sending it in inappropriate time.

b)Don’t elaborate

Never ever elaborate too much on your promotional SMS. Even the best SMS blast provider in Malaysia will not be able to get you that success sales and awareness if you elaborate on too many things in SMS, which itself stands for Short Message Service. Just image who in seven hell will read a long SMS.

c)Don’t ignore local events, make yourself relevant

Some company may never think that it is important to follow certain events in their target audience domain area. But what they never understand is, it is actually a crucial matter to ensure the consumers that you care, and you support their local events. So when they talk or think about the event, they will associate your company with the events.

After aware of those tips, we can expect that we did our best and should the profit will follow.

Moobig SMS blast software is the cheapest SMS gateway provider with a package starting from RM0.06 for each message. With 237 countries coverage, ensure your successful marketing SMS with us. You can directly visit our Moobig website for further information!

Buy More Save More Thanks To Bulk SMS

As one of bulk SMS services provider, Moobig offers many selections of affordable packages for your business. You can choose it according to your business needs.

Ever wondered why we consider ourselves the Best International SMS Gateway? The answer is indeed obvious, but we will still explain why.

Bulk SMS Services

One of our defining features is Bulk SMS. The concept of Bulk SMS in Malaysia works like any wholesale store: Buy more; save more. Bulk SMS is certainly not a new idea, however, we thrive on perfecting it. As a user, Bulk SMS will allow you to send the same message to thousands of people. With our wide reach of over 200 countries and over 5 billion mobile phones, borders are an arbitrary concept that we try to ignore.

Our Bulk SMS aggregator service is another step forward in conceptualizing our vision. It was primarily created to help connect sellers and customers. If you are looking to reach out to millions of people simultaneously, our Bulk SMS aggregator service is an absolute God sent.

With this facility, of course, you can get special price. Promotion with Bulk SMS has its own features compared to promos through other media. How did it happen? Because SMS Marketing will provide good and quick feedback on your business. The benefits you get will be double or maybe triple compared to the cost you pay for the bulk SMS services. That is what we called Buy more, Save more!

Our Bulk SMS services are available daily; anytime, any day with virtually no delay. This is the convenience we offer you. So wherever you are or wherever your target market is, everything will be so easy.

Our advice for companies that plan on expanding their business, is to avail our unparalleled Bulk SMS services to secure a major segment of the market.

Multitasking with Moobig as the Multi-Functional SMS System Provider

In today’s modern world, we have to multitask. Hence we at Moobig is also known as Multi-Functional SMS System Provider. This system is a two-way communication that sends out information to mobile phones by SMS.

As your Multi-Functional SMS System Provider, you could create an SMS site that allows customers and your employee to access the information without any hassle.

Of course you can send Bulk SMS to inform your customers about your products and services. However, as the Multi-Functional SMS Provider, we could help you to develop in terms of sales, inventory and marketing.

On the other hand, you may aware that Moobig as the Multi-Functional SMS System Provider, you can get your information timely by your fingertips.


What you get from Multi-Functional SMS System Provider:


Multi-Functional SMS System Provider

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  • Rapidity and Up-to-date
    When we talk about marketing. The important thing that you definitely want is the speed of information delivery and up to date. Bulk SMS can send to users in just seconds. So, all your latest promotions fresh delivered to customers in a short time.
  • Focus and To the point
    Marketing strategy should focus on the target that is really interested in the product. Multi-Functional SMS System Provider will focus on customers who are detected have relevancy with your products. So, the possibility to buy will be higher. SMS just contains 160 characters. It’s simple and on point. So, your customers wouldn’t get bored of long essays without points.
  • Save Money
    In the business world, getting a high profit with just a little expense of promotion is the desire of every businessperson. Especially for those of you who are just starting a business, advertise in newspapers or making a flyer is not economical. Promotion by SMS was created to provide solutions to all these problems. With only a small promotional cost, you can get many benefits.

The Best Promotion with SMS Marketing Services

SMS Marketing Services makes an easy way to promote your company products on target. In this modern era, everything is felt in a grip of gadgets. Everyone is connected to the internet anytime and anywhere, so everything will be easier. Marketers are also seeking new methods for connecting with their customers through them, and this method is one of the ways.


Why do SMS Marketing Services needed by a business system?


SMS Marketing Services

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SMS Marketing definition as a technique that uses permission-based text messaging to spread promotional messages. Customers could receive new product updates, discounts, and more information by using SMS Marketing services. They are usually required to opt into an automated system by texting an initial shortcode. Your company doesn’t need to waste a lot of promotional budgets without significant results. The Flyer is too old for the recent generation. They prefer something with the latest innovations and also environmentally friendly products. SMS Marketing helps efficiently to grow your business. Everyone will receive the bulk SMS, then read it, until finally interested and contact you to more information and deal. It’s so simple, right?


SMS Marketing strategy by sending text message marketing for small business effective to increase company revenue. Although your business is still on a small scale, promotion is one of the ways to grow up the business. Especially for the big company, keeping customers and getting new customers is also an important thing. Bulk SMS Marketing will send information about your latest products, ongoing promotions, and anything you want to convey to customers. So you can retain your recent customers and also get the new one. SMS Marketing service helps you as easily as well. You just need an internet connection, then with a few clicks on text messaging marketing software, your promotion fresh delivered to customers. In just seconds, your customers will receive it worldwide, not limited by regions.


We’re not only want to grow our business. We also want to help your company grow, together. We provide you about info SMS Marketing services with the cheapest price in town and also user-friendly.


SMS Marketing Services

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