Cut Marketing Cost With SMS Marketing

It is safe to say that majority of people have at least a smartphone. Hence, bulk SMS is a preferred method by companies all around the world. Its main benefit is, your customers will receive your messages because SMS does not have Spam filter.

Here at Moobig, we offer affordable packages when it comes to bulk SMS. In fact, we are known as the company that provide the cheapest SMS marketing provider.

When you compare to other advertising tools such as print and social media, our rates are as low as RM0.05 per SMS. Not only that we are much affordable, our SMS gateway also allows you to send messages to thousands of customers anytime.

SMS Marketing

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Go Green with SMS Marketing

Back in the day, advertiser would print out their ads. In fact, some people still do this but, it is not sustainable. Nowadays, we are all about going green.

With that in mind, SMS marketing is one of affordable marketing solutions. Here at Moobig, we offer SMS blast packages starting from RM0.06 each SMS. SMS marketing is a great tool as majority of your customers will read the messages.

Since you do not need to print anything, bulk SMS services do not need large manpower. All you have to do is craft your messages no more than 160 characters and hit send.

In a nutshell, SMS blast software is environment friendly way to promote your business. And you are hitting two birds with one stone; spend less in advertising but get high return and helping to preserve the environment for future generations.

affordable marketing solutions

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We Have 4 Plans To Make Your Business Grow Big

Every company needs external support in promoting their businesses. Therefore, Moobig is about being a support and we do so with our cost effective and efficient methods.

Your business is growing, and you have new products or services that you want to promote to your customers. You’ve tried every marketing tools that are available, but it seems that there is not much conversion. We can help you with that.

Take a look at our website, you will see that we specialize in bulk SMS. With our SMS gateway, you can personalize your messages to your customers. Best of all you could send those messages to thousands of your customers in at the same time!

SMS Gateway

We have variety of plans that suit your budget. Go ahead to our website and choose one that will help your business to grow bigger. If you can’t decide and need more information, feel free to contact us.

Get Feedback from Customers with our Affordable SMS Gateways

There are few companies that provide SMS gateways. However, which of them provide good services with affordable price tag?

Of course, when you look at our packages, you will notice that we provide affordable services and excellent customer service to boot.

To illustrate, our SMS blast software allows a two way stream of messaging that lets you to promote your products or services through SMS messages.

Consequently, your customers can reply to the messages. Allowing you to receive feedback from them.

SMS Gateways

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“My SMS marketing didn’t work. Why?”

Most of small or start up business owner make tons of mistakes over and over again on sending SMS blast or SMS Marketing to their consumers while all they can think about is only the benefit of SMS blast package they subscribed to. Some even go big by subscribing to international SMS gateway, but still, they keep making mistake which will damage their connection with consumers and the prospects of the company, and it cost a lot of money! So to help you make a huge success, even by using cheapest SMS gateway provider, we have three simple but major mistake to avoid.

SMS Marketing

1)Bad timing

Timing is always a major and key element to a successful campaign in every media platform, including SMS. You need to know and do a research on when your target market consumer normally or more likely to look at their phone to ensure that your SMS marketing will catch their eye. Even though almost 80% people will read every text message, if you send your message in the bad timing, such as on overnight, there is a chance that they might read it late or even miss it. So do your research!

2)Generic content

Being too generic and didn’t make your message to the point is one of many reasons that people will not read your text message. General content will confuse consumer’s mind which will have a bad impact to your company. If you want to give a coupon or special offer, make sure to mention it in the first few sentences, or your reader will be gone-gone.

3)Overload message

Yes, sending message more than one time is nice, but receiving too many text messages in a week or a month? It can be a real pain and make consumers opt-out. So remember to check your SMS Marketing frequency.

Produce High Level of Sales

Bulk SMS is effective because it can immediate and direct reaches to the consumers on their mobile phone. It is extremely affordable if compared it to traditional advertising channel. SMS blast software is used by marketers to run a wide range of marketing for customers. As SMS Gateway Provider, Moobig gives an offering to expand and connect your business with customers.

Service companies, retails outlets, financial institution and hospitality industry also using unlimited SMS gateway to great effect to increase awareness around their brand or offer that they provide to their customers.

Highly targeted form of marketing with using easy bulk SMS, the company can target their product or service to certain customers to build lists that could produce high level of sales or conversion for any future outbound marketing product, this also allows for higher redemption rates and also for sales or marketing department.

If we compare to email, SMS bulk also can excellent open rates and click through rates with 96% of SMS message being read and 62% of value added SMS messages being remembered. Besides being the cheapest SMS gateway provider, This Bulk SMS service by is extremely effective and can produce redemption rates of 70%.

Moobig (SMS gateway provider) basic features:

SMS Gateway Provider

  • Group Messaging / SMS Blast
    Allows you to send up to 500,000 sms text with one click.
  • Personal or Group Address Book
    Equipped with unlimited entries, you can add, import, edit, delete, and manage your contacts and groups in your address book.
  • Easy to Use
    Send SMS text messages anytime, anywhere from the convenience of any PC/Laptop with Internet connections
  • Unicode Support
    Send SMS text messages in multilingual characters.
  • Message History
    Keep track of on what, when and to whom your messages have been sent.
  • Schedule Delivery
    Flexible scheduling on when to send out your SMS
  • Competitive Pricing


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SMS Blast Helps You Blast Off Your Business

When the market is heavily reliant on advertisements to succeed, marketing budgets can go through the roof. The business market falls into this category, that’s why client’s value will most likely prioritize the Cheapest SMS gateway or SMS blast provider when thinking of their marketing needs.

Keeping this in mind, we at Moobig have created the SMS blast software. This software will go the extra mile in connecting the business with its clients as your customers will be able to reply to your messages, giving you nearly unmatched PR. The fact that we also prioritize our delivery speed is a perk that shouldn’t to unnoticed.

Our SMS blast package allows you to send thousands of messages to an audience from your list. The package allows you to customize the text messages, and send them instantaneously. You may use this to inform your customers about new releases or any upcoming sales.

SMS Blast

By providing up-to-date info about your product, customers will consider purchasing it after bringing your promotion through SMS blast. This will certainly increase your sales targets and provide benefits to the company.
We have talked a lot about SMS marketing, SMS blast, SMS gateway, you need to know there are some fun facts about SMS:

1. The first SMS sent simply said “Merry Christmas”. It was sent by British engineer, Neil Papworth on 3rd December 1992 from a computer to a mobile phone.
2. SMS has a 98% read rate. 90% of texts are also read within 3 seconds of being received. That’s better than the read and open rate of emails, and click-through rate of Facebook ads.
3. On average, people respond to texts in under 90 seconds; for emails, 90 minutes.
4. The original Nokia phone beep is Morse code for “SMS”.
5. Mobile phone coupons have 10 times the redemption rate of their paper counterparts.

SMS very helps drive business and sales, while also build customer relationships. Let’s start your SMS campaign by visiting Moobig!


Personalize your SMS

SMS Gateway

Source: Google

Thanks to, you may send an SMS gateway to potentially thousands of people in a single user list. The users can always customize their messages to their own liking and send it. The SMS gateway development will make sure the messages don’t end up in SPAM and can bypass most filters.

Our SMS aggregator has countless benefits, and is available at less than 10 cents per SMS. We also have diverse options such as SMS alerts, Bulk SMS, SMS competition, SMS voting, SMS dating and SMS marketing.

Another exciting feature we offer is International SMS aggregators. This feature allows users to send and receive mail from customers through cell phones. Meaning it allows for users to send texts on a two way landline.

With Moobig’s Bulk SMS service, our users have the perk of sending SMS to their customers regardless of their geographical location, considering we have outreach in over 200 countries and 5 billion mobile phones.

SMS functionality is rooted and can’t be separated from our social life. Although technology like MMS, Blackberry Messenger, WhatsApp, chat or video call is growing and booming. SMS has own advantages, it’s simple and easy to apply. Let’s think again, all phones have SMS feature, regardless of whether the phone supports 3G, touch screen, dual SIM card, or just 1-line cell phone like a calculator. SMS can still be sent even if the recipient’s phone is not active within a certain time limit.

Submission of SMS is also usually faster when compared to we send via messenger. It does not depend on the GPRS signals. The current cost is also relatively cheap also become one of the reasons why SMS is widely used on this earth.

SMS Gateway connects between computers with clients via SMS. Client indirectly interacts with applications or systems via SMS Gateway. Moobig provides easy and simple SMS gateway services with affordable price.

SMS Blast Software – Have a Blast!

When talking about SMS tools, MOOBIG takes great pride in bringing you the SMS blast software. An SMS blast is a text message that is mass produced and sent to numerous phones. It is most likely the most effective way of communicating a message to a large number of mobile users. And that’s not even the best part. Our SMS blast software has absolutely no limit, so restraining SMS flow is no longer an option!

With this feature, you do not need to limit your business promo in a certain amount. Everything is unlimited!


SMS Blast Software


We are also not afraid to call ourselves the best international SMS gateway. As our services allow companies to send text messages to over 200 countries. This means that wherever your target market is located, Moobig can facilitate your product ads well-served.

With marketing and promotion cost through the roof (the cost for a TV station advertisement will run in the hundreds of thousands of dollars) there is no certainty in the target audience will actually view the product up for promotion. For this purpose we have implemented the unlimited SMS gateway which will effectively alert all the recipients of the message.

As a fact that 98% of text messages are read compared to 29% of tweets and 12% of Facebook posts, SMS blast is naturally read by mobile users than social media ads. So, giving a little budget for promotion through text message is the right choice. You can achieve your sales targets with decrease the marketing cost.

Another risk present in online marketing, as opposed to SMS marketing is that a promotional email, might go straight to the spam folder, without the viewer ever knowing about the email. However, with our SMS blast package, that risk becomes redundant as SMS’ can’t be sent to the spam folder.

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Our Bulk SMS Marketing Tools Comply with The Personal Data Protection Act

Businesses in today’s world no matter small, medium or large are looking at Bulk SMS marketing technology as a mean for business communication. Bulk SMS Marketing Tools enables you to have direct communication to your recipient’s smartphone. Since most of Bulk SMS Marketing Tools are read within minutes after delivery, your customers would read the messages. So, applying bulk SMS is one of the techniques to contribute growth rate of revenues. When SMS marketing is sent and your clients read messages, they will also consider to buy it.

Personal data refer to individual privacy data. It’s mean that every data need to be protected and credential. Every use or disclose personal data should for legitimate and reasonable purposes. Over 80 countries and independent territories, including nearly every country in Europe and many in Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia, and Africa, have now adopted comprehensive data protection laws.

Moobig provides easily and friendly bulk SMS marketing tools. You can log in to our bulk SMS website everywhere, as long as the internet connection is available.

Bulk SMS Marketing Tools


What kind of features will you enjoy from Moobig bulk SMS marketing tools?

– Direct integration into an SMS gateaway
– Integrates with most Operating Systems
– Integration of existing databases or programs
– SMS Ringtones, Operator Logo, Group Graphics and Picture Messages
– Send SMS Globally
– Have access to online reports
– Sender ID or originators number in alphanumeric format
– Unicode supported
– Create and manage contacts and groups in an Address Book
– Priority is given to broadcast request
– Personalized phone support available

Our bulk SMS marketing tools comply with The Personal Data Protection Act. We’re highly concerned to protect your personal data, besides providing recommended products exactly.

Here at Moobig, for the purpose of direct marketing, we made a set of specific guides in order to comply with the Personal Data Protection Act.