Cut Marketing Cost With SMS Marketing

It is safe to say that majority of people have at least a smartphone. Hence, bulk SMS is a preferred method by companies all around the world. Its main benefit is, your customers will receive your messages because SMS does not have Spam filter.

Here at Moobig, we offer affordable packages when it comes to bulk SMS. In fact, we are known as the company that provide the cheapest SMS marketing provider.

When you compare to other advertising tools such as print and social media, our rates are as low as RM0.05 per SMS. Not only that we are much affordable, our SMS gateway also allows you to send messages to thousands of customers anytime.

SMS Marketing

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Go Green with SMS Marketing

Back in the day, advertiser would print out their ads. In fact, some people still do this but, it is not sustainable. Nowadays, we are all about going green.

With that in mind, SMS marketing is one of affordable marketing solutions. Here at Moobig, we offer SMS blast packages starting from RM0.06 each SMS. SMS marketing is a great tool as majority of your customers will read the messages.

Since you do not need to print anything, bulk SMS services do not need large manpower. All you have to do is craft your messages no more than 160 characters and hit send.

In a nutshell, SMS blast software is environment friendly way to promote your business. And you are hitting two birds with one stone; spend less in advertising but get high return and helping to preserve the environment for future generations.

affordable marketing solutions

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Blast Out Your Personalized Messages

Have you heard of Bulk SMS? It means that you can send a large number of messages to different recipients at the same using an SMS gateway. Not only that, you can do personalized messages according to what the messages are about.

Personalized Messages

Additionally, there are two ways for you to connect the SMS gateway to your customers’ mobile network. Firstly, you can use the GSM modem connectivity or use Bulk SMS to send your messages to customers at the same time.

In fact, GSM modem could not handle to blast out bulk messages. The system is limited to 6 to 10 messages per minute. Hence, making Bulk SMS is the right choice for you.

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Bulk SMS – Marketing Strategy without Internet

In a marketing strategy that is exceedingly saturated, being cost-effective is almost imperative in succeeding with the customers. Being mindful of that fact we thrived to be the cheapest SMS gateway provider. Bulk SMS is a product of our initiative which promises to save some of that hard earned capital.

Bulk SMS in Malaysia is not a familiar concept but has immense potential. It works the same way all other markets, meaning buying more will significantly reduce the cost. This plan will not only save money but also time, which according to some is equivalent to money. So, basically you’re saving double.


Marketing Strategy with Bulk SMS will be a God sent


Bulk SMS Marketing Strategy

In case you ever had trouble relaying a message to a large group of people, Anytime, you can send a message to thousands of customers or employees based on your target groups and location.

The fact that Bulk SMS is cheaper than print or social media advertisement, should be enough for you to sway towards our services. With the hassle of registration, unwanted pop-up ads and requiring a smartphone social media advertisement also falls behind on convenience when compared to Bulk SMS.

Bulk SMS gives you all in one marketing package for your business. In Bulk SMS services, you can market products with the right target and affordable prices. Bulk SMS makes it easy for your customers. They can get promotion or latest news from your product without connecting to the internet. Your customers can still receive the ads through text messages even the customers are in an area with no internet coverage,

Bulk SMS Aggregators are also unbelievable incentives in connecting the seller with their customers and is highly effective in reaching out to millions of people simultaneously.

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No Spam Issues With Web SMS Marketing and Grow Your Business With Bulk SMS

One of the services that Moobig offers is Web SMS Marketing where we send SMS to many organizations at the same time. If you concern about spam issues, fret not because mobile operators have set special guidelines to prevent it.

To boot, Web SMS Marketing by Moobig is safe and have great impact in the marketing scopes in Malaysia by creating good relationship with customers.

Another service that we have is Online SMS Solution, a web-based bulk SMS tool that require no programming, doesn’t require any necessary downloads. Plus, you can register an account without any hassle and sign in to send your Bulk SMS to your customers and prospects.

You can’t deny that SMS has an important function and always used every day. Below is the fact that SMS Marketing is one of the key to expand your business.


Facts about SMS Marketing:


Web SMS Marketing

Source: Google


  1. 75% of mobile phones worldwide are enabled to receive SMS.
    This is good news for marketers that 75% of mobile phone users can receive SMS. It’s a great opportunity to advertise your product up to the customers.
  2. An average of 50% of consumers in the US directly buy the product after receiving SMS promotion or discount coupon.
    Everyone love discount, so when you give promotion by text, they directly plan to purchase the products.
  3. SMS campaigns have over 7 times greater performance than email campaigns.
    Email marketing also important as one of marketing strategy. However, SMS marketing campaigns produce greater results than email campaigns. SMS marketing will direct read by customers, while email marketing go to promotion tab in the email.
  4. Applying SMS marketing techniques is predicted to contribute a 40% growth rate of revenues by 2017.
    BIA/Kelsey predicts a 40% growth rate of revenues gained by spending generated with SMS marketing techniques, starting from $3.2 billion in 2012 to $16.8 billion in 2017. SMS Marketing continue increase relation between of company and customers, also an effective marketing channel.
  5. Coupons delivered via SMS have redemption rates 10 times higher than those of printed coupons.
    Mobile coupons are easier for user, than traditional printed coupons. Everywhere they get SMS coupons, they can use it in time.


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