Cut Marketing Cost With SMS Marketing

It is safe to say that majority of people have at least a smartphone. Hence, bulk SMS is a preferred method by companies all around the world. Its main benefit is, your customers will receive your messages because SMS does not have Spam filter.

Here at Moobig, we offer affordable packages when it comes to bulk SMS. In fact, we are known as the company that provide the cheapest SMS marketing provider.

When you compare to other advertising tools such as print and social media, our rates are as low as RM0.05 per SMS. Not only that we are much affordable, our SMS gateway also allows you to send messages to thousands of customers anytime.

SMS Marketing

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Go Green with SMS Marketing

Back in the day, advertiser would print out their ads. In fact, some people still do this but, it is not sustainable. Nowadays, we are all about going green.

With that in mind, SMS marketing is one of affordable marketing solutions. Here at Moobig, we offer SMS blast packages starting from RM0.06 each SMS. SMS marketing is a great tool as majority of your customers will read the messages.

Since you do not need to print anything, bulk SMS services do not need large manpower. All you have to do is craft your messages no more than 160 characters and hit send.

In a nutshell, SMS blast software is environment friendly way to promote your business. And you are hitting two birds with one stone; spend less in advertising but get high return and helping to preserve the environment for future generations.

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Use Any of Our 4 Plans to Advertise Your Brand

Sending thousands of SMS to thousands of customers has never been this easy. Many businesses consider bulk SMS as one of the advertising or marketing tools. Whatever your brand is, you must promote your brand awareness.

With bulk SMS, you can send thousands of messages at the same time. You do have to go through special training to use it. All you need is a PC or a laptop and the internet. It is easy to use and best of all cost effective.

Using SMS as part of your marketing plan is brilliant because we are always on our smartphone nowadays. So, using SMS blast software will guarantee you that they will receive your messages.

Bulk SMS

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Turn Prospects in to Business with Bulk SMS

Most people would read a text messages. Hence, when you subscribed to our Bulk SMS service, the chances of people reading your messages are higher compared to other marketing strategies like email or printed advertisement.

Besides, for small-medium businesses, it is not wise to spend a large sum of money on flyers and distribute them in public. Because the chance of prospects turn in to your customers is low.

Hence, marketing strategy via Bulk SMS is seen as an effective selection of ads with segmented targets. For that reason, the possibility of your prospects turn in to business is very high.

Bulk SMS for business


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Advertising using SMS is Still Relevant

When it comes to advertising, most advertisers turn to online such social media. Not many realise the benefits of short message service or SMS advertising. Most think that it is outdated.

We at Moobig, beg to differ. There are actually many benefits that you can get from SMS especially bulk SMS services. Among the benefits is that your marketing strategy is directly towards your customers.

Meanwhile, most of the time advertisements on social media are not really engaging. While SMS, customers will open up the messages to read them. In addition, SMS advertising has less words than email, which means your customers will know what you are trying to convey.


SMS advertising

Blast Out Your Personalized Messages

Have you heard of Bulk SMS? It means that you can send a large number of messages to different recipients at the same using an SMS gateway. Not only that, you can do personalized messages according to what the messages are about.

Personalized Messages

Additionally, there are two ways for you to connect the SMS gateway to your customers’ mobile network. Firstly, you can use the GSM modem connectivity or use Bulk SMS to send your messages to customers at the same time.

In fact, GSM modem could not handle to blast out bulk messages. The system is limited to 6 to 10 messages per minute. Hence, making Bulk SMS is the right choice for you.

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Bulk SMS as a Medium of Business Communication

Businesses are looking at Bulk SMS as a medium of business communication. This is because of its direct benefits in increasing operational efficiencies.

In addition, Bulk SMS Marketing Tools lets you to send your personalized messages to customers without Internet connection. Moreover, most recipients will open when they receive your messages.

Not to mention, at Moobig we provide comprehensive data such as location, gender, and age group. Equally important, we also produced a set of specific guides to comply with Personal Data Protection Act.

Bulk SMS

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Get Comprehensive Data with Bulk SMS

It is seems that multitasking is becoming part of our society. Therefore, Moobig is also known as Multi Functional SMS System Provider. It is a two-way communication that delivers messages to mobile phones via Bulk SMS service.

As you subscribe with Moobig Bulk SMS package, you can establish an SMS site that allows users to access it without any difficulty.

In addition, your customers will know about your products and services with our Bulk SMS service. But, as the Multi-Functional SMS Provider, you will also get comprehensive data such as sale, inventory and marketing.

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Bulk SMS Is Much Cheaper Than Print and Social Media Ads

Bulk SMS

One of the advantages of using Bulk SMS is the probability for your message to be read will be higher compared to other means like marketing via email or printed advertisement.

Social media and email is indeed something hype in this technologically advanced era. But the question is “Will everyone open social media and email every time?” Of course not. People will open social media within minutes, scrolling down, then closing it, and resuming activities. There is a possibility of your ads to read by customers, however you will also compete with their friend list’s posting. Meanwhile, every person who has a mobile phone, although without internet facilities though can get a promotion that you send via bulk SMS Marketing.

For small-medium businesses, spending money on printing flyers and distributing them to everyone is inefficient, since their chances of buying your product are low. Text marketing offers an effective selection of ads with segmented targets. Thus, the possibility of your product being sold is very high.

Bulk SMS is your way to achieve successful advertising with a single click.

You can send messages to more than 1000 customers in one time once you have set your target group, location and text ads. Bulk SMS can be sent to anyone, anywhere, and anytime. Then, while social media requires registration of account, access to the internet, or download the application for someone can see your ads. SMS also does not require smartphones or anything to download, which means your potential reach includes just about anyone with a mobile phone.

If you’re concern about the price, Bulk SMS is much cheaper than printed and social media advertisement. You have to pay some money to show your product ads on social media platforms or traditional printed, which is certainly more expensive than advertising with bulk SMS by Moobig.

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The Best Promotion with SMS Marketing Services

SMS Marketing Services makes an easy way to promote your company products on target. In this modern era, everything is felt in a grip of gadgets. Everyone is connected to the internet anytime and anywhere, so everything will be easier. Marketers are also seeking new methods for connecting with their customers through them, and this method is one of the ways.


Why do SMS Marketing Services needed by a business system?


SMS Marketing Services

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SMS Marketing definition as a technique that uses permission-based text messaging to spread promotional messages. Customers could receive new product updates, discounts, and more information by using SMS Marketing services. They are usually required to opt into an automated system by texting an initial shortcode. Your company doesn’t need to waste a lot of promotional budgets without significant results. The Flyer is too old for the recent generation. They prefer something with the latest innovations and also environmentally friendly products. SMS Marketing helps efficiently to grow your business. Everyone will receive the bulk SMS, then read it, until finally interested and contact you to more information and deal. It’s so simple, right?


SMS Marketing strategy by sending text message marketing for small business effective to increase company revenue. Although your business is still on a small scale, promotion is one of the ways to grow up the business. Especially for the big company, keeping customers and getting new customers is also an important thing. Bulk SMS Marketing will send information about your latest products, ongoing promotions, and anything you want to convey to customers. So you can retain your recent customers and also get the new one. SMS Marketing service helps you as easily as well. You just need an internet connection, then with a few clicks on text messaging marketing software, your promotion fresh delivered to customers. In just seconds, your customers will receive it worldwide, not limited by regions.


We’re not only want to grow our business. We also want to help your company grow, together. We provide you about info SMS Marketing services with the cheapest price in town and also user-friendly.


SMS Marketing Services

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