This SMS marketing rules let you stay out of trouble

After realizing that marketing SMS might be the cheapest yet most impactful platform for your marketing plan, you considered it to include it. But you are worried that there is still something you aren’t aware of from SMS marketing. Say no more! This is the ultimate law guide to let you stay out of trouble including law and complaints!

  1. Opt-in only

All SMS blast packages normally should give the option to opt-in and opt-out to the customers and it is illegal not to give opt-out. Well, you can do opt-in only without opt-out, but you have to make sure that before you send the SMS, obtain consent from your customers.

  1. Unsubscribe

With every message send to your customer, no matter what SMS gateway or SMS aggregator you use, you always have to give opt-out or unsubscribe to the customer. This is to make sure that customer can easily unsubscribe from your marketing SMS anytime they want. And when they select to opt-out/unsubscribe, you have to unsubscribe them immediately.

  1. Be aware of extra cost

You have to take note that when your customers didn’t subscribe to the unlimited messaging plan in their network provider, additional cost may apply when they receive your marketing SMS when it is over their SMS limit. So it is your job to let them know, so that they are aware about the extra fees applicable.


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