Biggest Benefits Using Bulk SMS Cheaper Rates

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Apart from being quick, cheap, fast and efficient, there are other benefits that Bulk SMS can offer you. For example, Bulk SMS has a flexible platform whereby you may send thousands of messages to targeted group in your list. Customise your text message campaigns and send it out instantly.

Not like email, Bulk SMS will never have problems involving email filters or SPAM. Furthermore, SMS is a direct connection to the customers than any other marketing strategies.

The best part of Bulk SMS is it goes GREEN. Why you have to waste papers/inks and chopped off the tress when you can have this online SMS marketing as your business tool? Green is not only great for environments but also for the bottom line.

Who if Bulk SMS for?

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Nowadays, each one of us has a mobile phone and that is why Bulk SMS is the perfect marketing tool to be used as business promotion and expansion. Do you know that almost 90% of Web SMS generated around 40% average response from the target audience? It is not only reaching the audience but also allowing them to know the existence of your products/services.

Bulk SMS is not only for companies to blast out their promotional products or services, but Bulk SMS can also be used as a reminder. It can be used effectively for the mosques to inform the members about any programs or events, within the schools to inform or invite parents for meetings and whole lot more.

At, the more you get SMS from us the cheaper will be giving you. Moobig not only be giving cheaper rates but also easy-to-handle system platform for you to manage the Bulk SMS later.

One minute Brand Promotion Tool

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Do you use Bulk SMS service for your business? Do you ever send out messages to a huge group of people anywhere or anytime? If your answer is NO, I believe you should start doing BULK SMS to expand your business.

I believe you understand the concept of Bulk. The more you buy, the cheaper it gets. Same goes to Bulk SMS, you can always have Bulk SMS service at remarkably low rates.

Bulk SMS not only can be used to introduce your products, it can always be a reminder for your customers. Such as, to inform on the promo/discounts that you will be having, or as a birthday shout-out or greetings to the clients. This will make a lasting impression to your company. With the help of this Web SMS, you not only doing promotions but also managing relationships with your customers. Make your customers to feel special and probably they might end up having a preference for your product.

Online SMS Marketing Malaysia

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What is the perfect marketing tool for business promotion and branding? Companies out there spent large amounts on advertising using conventional methods from high-tech to traditional media to make sure their products and services are known.

As Bulk SMS has evolved here in Malaysia, I am confident saying that this online SMS marketing tool has the best way in reaching your leads. Web SMS is inexpensive compares to other advertising methods. Not only cheap, Bulk SMS can we reached wider and quicker. At a click of a button, thousands of numbers can be send to your thousands of targeted clients in less than a minute. There will no national boundaries to be worried as Bulk SMS can be send internationally.

Best way for busy recipients, each recipient that received the message has the option to view when or where she/he wants, but at the end, they still have the urgency to read the messages.

SMS Marketing and the benefits

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In this present day, for promotion, campaigns or advertising can be ridiculously expansive. The cost to advertise on TV station can reach $1 million and sometimes it can be more and it is not guaranteed that the viewers will receive the message for your ads.

The only way for the receivers to notice the messages that you want to deliver to them is by BULK SMS. This SMS Marketing Tool is very effective and also easy to be notified by the receivers, why, because the messages received through phones. Percent of phone users are around 90% globally, according to a blog Digital Marketing: People Using Phone Globally, and despite of other technologies expanding, SMS is still important to users.

Benefits for this web SMS firstly is the speed. Web SMS very fast to send, read and respond to. With bulk SMS, you can send more than 1000 messages in a single click. Apart from that, Bulk SMS is absolutely cheaper than other forms of communication. Only few cents for one SMS and the more you buy SMS the cheaper you will get.

The most important benefit of Bulk SMS is SMS will not be filtered out as spam. Unlike Email Marketing, if you send an email with suspicious headlines, it will be considered and moved to SPAM. That is why I believe, BULK SMS is the best way for brand promotion tool.

Importance of Bulk SMS

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Cheap and convenient are the best words to describe Moobig Bulk SMS. Bulk SMS has lots of advantages and it is guaranteed that this Send SMS tool will deliver anywhere and anytime.

What is Bulk SMS? Bulk SMS can be considered as one advertising or publicity tool. Good for any companies’ brand promotion, a company able to send up to more than 1000 of Bulk SMS in one day with a single click. Most of the Bulk SMS messages delivered by using only the internet or any PC, laptop or smartphones. By log into the system that Moobig will be providing you, this SMS marketing tool is very easy to use, cost effectiveness, time saving and instant delivering messages to the receivers.

The advantages to advertise or doing campaigns through mobile phones are most receivers are with their phones all the time and messages received will be checked before deletion and it is confirmed the messages will be read within 24 hours.

In this present day, SMS messaging is probably the favourite choice for business advertising. It is the weapon to be used in the competitive business industry for promotion and marketing. For better prospects in the future, Bulk SMS is the answer for better promotion.

Fast Bulk SMS, Bulk SMS Solutions and SMS Blast Software

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With the Fast Bulk SMS Services by MOOBIG, you will be able to have a large group of potential customers by SMS. Whereby you want to use it for business purposes, marketing tool to send out promotion or any sale items, the SMS can be receive to the recipients only in less than a minute.

With Fast Bulk SMS services, you may choose any demographic groups in your contacts and viral the messages globally.

Bulk SMS Solutions is the fastest, and efficient way to advertise products, send business notifications and alerts. The Bulk SMS Solutions enables you to send out about the new product launching, announcement or news broadcasting, products promotion and SMS reminders.

SMS Blast Software help in promoting products or services. With the SMS Blast Software, receivers can reply to you while you can follow up your customers for any of their updates. Need to save your time? Use SMS Blast Software as it saves your time with its high speed delivery.

Multifunctional SMS System Provider, Online SMS Malaysia, Online SMS Marketing

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MOOBIG Multi-functional SMS System Provider is a two-way communication that enables you to create SMS site by helping you to develop on sales, inventory and marketing besides sending BULK SMS to your customers on products and services.

Web SMS Marketing by MOOBIG functions through cell phones by SMS (Short Message Service) to an organization. However for spam issues, the mobile operators already set special guidelines in preventing such spams.
In fact, Web SMS Marketing in MOOBIG sets as the useful safest and the greatest impact and aspects of the marketing scopes in Malaysia by creating good relationships with customers and turn up the marketing industry around Asia.

Online SMS Solution is a web-based bulk SMS tool that has no programming and you can receive SMS replies directly to your communicator’s inbox and as it doesn’t requires any necessary downloads, you can register an account easily and sign in to send your Bulk SMS.

Easy Bulk SMS Only With Moobig

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The Moobig Bulks SMS provides an Easy Bulk SMS Services and a Lowest Price Bulk SMS Marketing Tools by a simple multiple API integration, for a global SMS delivery. It’s much more easier and convenient for users to reach with their customers in a one-way communications.

The easy Bulk SMS Services helps to creates new customer for company and client communication. Besides on providing an effective platform Moobig Bulk SMS is easy to use, simple and efficient.

With the Moobig Bulks SMS Solitions Getaway, we provide Web-based interface , Wide variety of APIs , Additional Scripts , Short and Long Codes. It all within user-friendly and manage connections, add sub-users and , varities to easily intergrate with any systems or applications.

Bulk SMS and Marketing Tool

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Marketing by mobile phones are the ‘in thing’ of today’s world ever since the rise of SMS (Short Message Service). Mobile marketing via SMS has expanded rapidly in Malaysia as a new channel to reach the consumer. Understanding this, the Moobig offers Bulk SMS Marketing Tool to reach your customers.

With this helpful Moobig Bulk SMS Marketing Tools , it allows you to measure the result and scope of advertising besides having consumer in a way that makes them look forward to more offers awaits from you.

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