Get Your SMS Marketing Strategy Right

If it’s done right, your SMS marketing strategy is extremely effective. There are many ways that you can use SMS marketing for such as coupons, vouchers, appointments, reminders, events, invitations and more.  

Despite many instant messaging apps that are available for smartphone users, SMS still remains one of the most effective marketing tools. The service is affordable and it gives you the ability to engage and track customer relationships.  Here is your guide on how to get the most out of SMS marketing. 

Reaching for the goal from the start 

Before you even start creating your messages, you have to decide on what kind of campaign that is relevant to your customers. Do you want customer feedback or to send reminders to customers? Set your goal first and make sure that what you will send out is interesting and helpful. 

Simple is better 

Text messages are limited to 160 characters but that is not an excuse for you not to start investing in SMS marketing. The key point of a successful SMS marketing is to highlight the important stuff at the beginning of your messages. Keep it straight to the point. 


Another thing you have to remember is to avoid using slang or text speak and always proof-read before sending out the messages. However, since you are limited to 160 characters, standard abbreviations are fine but don’t overuse it. 

Nevertheless, once you got everything, go to Moobig and look at the plans that they offer. Better yet, talk to one of their sales representatives to start making big changes to your business.