Easy Bulk SMS

moobig easy sms

Fun and easy is the best way to describe Bulk SMS. Why?? Easy Bulk SMS is not only for business purposes, but you also may use it to send notification, birthday reminders or event updates among your family, friends or colleagues.

Describe easy?? This Easy Bulk SMS is so easy breezy as you only need to deliver your messages from your computer with it web based system anytime and anywhere that you want.

In moobig.com, our skilled support team works 24/7 through live chat and email to make sure the business and the system runs smoothly.

Expiry date? No worries, our credits for Bulk SMS will never get expired. You can top-up your credits as many as you want anytime.

Easy and cheap, what else do you need? To know more about Easy Bulk SMS, kindly visit www.moobig.com