Connect Instantly With Over 5 Billion Mobile Phone Users

You can now send SMS messages to different parts of the world with our SMS aggregators and SMS gateway Europe. Nevertheless, you are not limited to just text messages. You can also send messages that have flash, polyphonic, logos, MMS, WAP and pictures.

In order to improve deliverability, you will use our direct to carrier model when sending messages. Furthermore, our API interface connects you almost instantly with over 5 billion mobile phone users all over the world. Not to mention, you will also receive analytical reports and receipts.

Additionally, other features when you subscribe to Moobig’s Bulk SMS services are direct gateway connectivity using HTTP/SMPP, free access to mobile subscriber database, and daily statistics report of broadcast usage.

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Increase Your Brand Awareness with SMS Blast

The best feature about SMS is that it does not rely on the internet data. There are quite a number of SMS aggregators who provide a variety of SMS blast packages with price range that would me your marketing budget.

Bulk SMS is often used as a part of marketing plan to send messages to consumers like reminders, alerts, and promotions. SMS continues to be relevant despite majority of people with smartphones are using instant messaging apps to send messages. Plus, SMS can be sent to every mobile phones without any issues because of poor internet connection.

Sending messages via SMS to your customers would increase your brand awareness. In a way, by sending them promotion messages would make them feel part of the brand.

There are many benefits that you can get when you subscribe to us. The best part is, our packages are very affordable.

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Go Global With SMS Marketing with Us

Nowadays, companies would try to go global. Hence, they make their marketing to focus on the international market as well. Thanks to emails and social media, everyone on the internet are able to search a company’s name. In other words, everyone are prospects.

Moreover, as the world getting more advanced, advertisement cost kept increasing. In the event of that, SMS marketing becomes more relevant. Plus, with SMS gateway Europe and International SMS Aggregators and affordable rates make SMS marketing an obvious choice.
Your customers can receive your personalized messages without being connected to the internet.

This tool will allow you to send mass texts or short codes on a two way line, providing your company with a free public service tool.

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Advertise Your Business With Unlimited SMS Gateway

Did you know that we can help you to advertise your business in the most cost efficient and effective way possible? Here at Moobig we use unlimited SMS gateway to do that. This means that by subscribing to our affordable packages, you can send out promotions, sales, coming up events to your customers.

You can customize messages and blast them to your customers with our SMS gateway development. That means, your business will have big impacts as your messages have a personal touch which will help you to rise above the competition.

In a way, services brought by Moobig can be perceived as a personal SMS online tool that lets you to connect with your customers and prospects.

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SMS Still Prevails Despite the Rise of Instant Messaging Apps

Even though majority of us have switched to instant messaging apps to communicate, but SMS still prevails in marketing. With our SMS blast software, you can send a message to a large group of people at the same time.

Although this idea is not something new, it has been used by people in the retail industry. This is because despite most people own at least one smartphone, not all of them are connected to the internet. Hence, marketing using SMS makes sense.

This true for small businesses. When they subscribe to our SMS blast package, not only they manage to decrease their marketing costs, but they also see an increase in profit.

All in all, with our international SMS aggregators, you will be able to let your consumers know about any updates, promotions, or alerts regardless of their location.

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Boost Up Your Sales with Us

Bulk SMS aggregators are one of the greatest tools to promote a business. We assist you to facilitate communication between buyers and sellers. This marketing tool is a good way to advertise your business as your messages can be reached to millions of people.

Moobig’s Bulk SMS service is available anytime of the day. Your personalized messages can be sent to your consumers without delay or being filtered.

With that being said, if you’re looking for a way to boost up your sales, look no further. Take a look at our packages and we can assure you that we offer you the most affordable SMS gateway.

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Maximize Profit With SMS Blast Aggregator

When you subscribe to our SMS blast package, you can still maximize your profit even if you don’t put much invest in it. At Moobig, our cost efficient SMS aggregator will definitely give you that.

Moobig’s  SMS blast provider will enable you to send personalized messages to your consumers such as announcement of new products, updates, promotions or events.

Not only that, SMS can also be a mean to alert consumers of certain emergency. For instance, authority can send messages to the people about scams.

Lastly, marketing SMS can also be used as a customer service as company can ask for feedbacks and other customer support matter through SMS where consumers can rely on problem resolution via SMS.

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Send Messages to Thousands of Customers with Bulk SMS

Smartphone users are increasing year by year. Noticing the trend, companies of all sizes are using Bulk SMS Malaysia to widen their reach. Plus, by using this service, customers and prospects will read your messages because there is no ‘spam’ filters in mobile messaging.

No doubt that there are many companies that offer this service. However, here at Moobig, we offer you an affordable rate. In fact, we are known as the ‘cheapest SMS gateway provider’. Our rate can go as low as RM0.05 per SMS and the more you buy, the cheaper the rates are.

In short, with Moobig’s SMS gateway development, you will be able to send messages to over a thousand customers at any given time.

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Go Global With SMS Marketing

When you look around you, you could see people looking at their phones. Either scrolling through timelines on their social media account or buying a last minute anniversary gift.  Hence, companies see this as an opportunity to market their business, in other words, SMS marketing.

With that being said, Moobig’s SMS Blast Software lets you to send almost unlimited personalized information to your customers, no sweat, literally. But that’s not all, Moobig’s International SMS aggregators are able to send reminders and promotions to your customers. Basically anything that you would think could help you to expand your business.

 Overall, with services like SMS Gateway, you could send your messages to over 200 countries and 6 billion mobile users. So, why settle at local when you can go global with Moobig.

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There’s Nothing like Sending Your Messaging with SMS

Technology is constantly changing. Hence for that reason, many people are moving from traditional media to digital and new media. Previously there were not many advertising platforms. Now businesses can market their business to maintain existing customers and attract new customers. It all possible thanks to digital marketing.

However, not all platforms should be left forgotten or deemed ineffective. We’re talking about Short Message Service or SMS. This is because of often than not, some customers do appreciate a short, right to the point message.

SMS, just like advertising using modern media, can also help to boost effectiveness of other marketing or advertising channel.

Altogether, even though many people use instant messaging apps, people still send SMS because we don’t need to be connected to the internet. 

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