Engage Your Customers with These 3 Easy Steps

We are now in the digital age. We can see that most people will be looking at their smartphone almost all the time. Hence, many businesses have shifted to marketing via SMS.

However, to those who are new to the idea of digital marketing especially bulk SMS, here’s how to do it.

First, SMS remain a great way to reach your customers, therefore keep your messages simple. Use a language that everyone can understand. But keep in mind that a text for SMS can only consist characters up to 160 characters.

Next, time your marketing right. Send out your messages to your customers any time of the day. Most of your customers will read the SMS once they have received it. Unlike other methods such as e-mails, the customers’ email might put them under spam.

Lastly, it is always best to begin a message with a clear and direct call to action. Words such as ‘purchase’, ‘buy’ and ‘use’ and so forth. Your customers will appreciate your intent immediately.

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Send A Message to Multiple Users

You’ve probably have heard about Bulk SMS. Despite the advancement of technology, especially in smartphones and instant messaging, short message service or SMS is still used by most businesses. As everyone knows, for an SMS to be received, the receiver does not need to be connected to the internet. Hence, it is no wonder that most marketers, see Bulk SMS as an effective catalyst for company growth.

As one of the marketing tools, Bulk SMS allows you to send multiple message to users at the same time. Unlike email which has spam feature, your messages will be delivered to your intended consumers successfully.

Meanwhile, about our pricing, there are many companies offer Bulk SMS packages with attractive price tag. Here at Moobig, not matter the size of your business, we offer affordable packages for you.

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Turn Prospects in to Business with Bulk SMS

Most people would read a text messages. Hence, when you subscribed to our Bulk SMS service, the chances of people reading your messages are higher compared to other marketing strategies like email or printed advertisement.

Besides, for small-medium businesses, it is not wise to spend a large sum of money on flyers and distribute them in public. Because the chance of prospects turn in to your customers is low.

Hence, marketing strategy via Bulk SMS is seen as an effective selection of ads with segmented targets. For that reason, the possibility of your prospects turn in to business is very high.

Bulk SMS for business


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Advertising using SMS is Still Relevant

When it comes to advertising, most advertisers turn to online such social media. Not many realise the benefits of short message service or SMS advertising. Most think that it is outdated.

We at Moobig, beg to differ. There are actually many benefits that you can get from SMS especially bulk SMS services. Among the benefits is that your marketing strategy is directly towards your customers.

Meanwhile, most of the time advertisements on social media are not really engaging. While SMS, customers will open up the messages to read them. In addition, SMS advertising has less words than email, which means your customers will know what you are trying to convey.


SMS advertising

Get Feedback from Customers with our Affordable SMS Gateways

There are few companies that provide SMS gateways. However, which of them provide good services with affordable price tag?

Of course, when you look at our packages, you will notice that we provide affordable services and excellent customer service to boot.

To illustrate, our SMS blast software allows a two way stream of messaging that lets you to promote your products or services through SMS messages.

Consequently, your customers can reply to the messages. Allowing you to receive feedback from them.

SMS Gateways

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Blast Out Your Personalized Messages

Have you heard of Bulk SMS? It means that you can send a large number of messages to different recipients at the same using an SMS gateway. Not only that, you can do personalized messages according to what the messages are about.

Personalized Messages

Additionally, there are two ways for you to connect the SMS gateway to your customers’ mobile network. Firstly, you can use the GSM modem connectivity or use Bulk SMS to send your messages to customers at the same time.

In fact, GSM modem could not handle to blast out bulk messages. The system is limited to 6 to 10 messages per minute. Hence, making Bulk SMS is the right choice for you.

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Bulk SMS as a Medium of Business Communication

Businesses are looking at Bulk SMS as a medium of business communication. This is because of its direct benefits in increasing operational efficiencies.

In addition, Bulk SMS Marketing Tools lets you to send your personalized messages to customers without Internet connection. Moreover, most recipients will open when they receive your messages.

Not to mention, at Moobig we provide comprehensive data such as location, gender, and age group. Equally important, we also produced a set of specific guides to comply with Personal Data Protection Act.

Bulk SMS

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Get Comprehensive Data with Bulk SMS

It is seems that multitasking is becoming part of our society. Therefore, Moobig is also known as Multi Functional SMS System Provider. It is a two-way communication that delivers messages to mobile phones via Bulk SMS service.

As you subscribe with Moobig Bulk SMS package, you can establish an SMS site that allows users to access it without any difficulty.

In addition, your customers will know about your products and services with our Bulk SMS service. But, as the Multi-Functional SMS Provider, you will also get comprehensive data such as sale, inventory and marketing.

bulk sms service

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Connect Instantly With Over 5 Billion Mobile Phone Users

You can now send SMS messages to different parts of the world with our SMS aggregators and SMS gateway Europe. Nevertheless, you are not limited to just text messages. You can also send messages that have flash, polyphonic, logos, MMS, WAP and pictures.

In order to improve deliverability, you will use our direct to carrier model when sending messages. Furthermore, our API interface connects you almost instantly with over 5 billion mobile phone users all over the world. Not to mention, you will also receive analytical reports and receipts.

Additionally, other features when you subscribe to Moobig’s Bulk SMS services are direct gateway connectivity using HTTP/SMPP, free access to mobile subscriber database, and daily statistics report of broadcast usage.

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Increase Your Brand Awareness with SMS Blast

The best feature about SMS is that it does not rely on the internet data. There are quite a number of SMS aggregators who provide a variety of SMS blast packages with price range that would me your marketing budget.

Bulk SMS is often used as a part of marketing plan to send messages to consumers like reminders, alerts, and promotions. SMS continues to be relevant despite majority of people with smartphones are using instant messaging apps to send messages. Plus, SMS can be sent to every mobile phones without any issues because of poor internet connection.

Sending messages via SMS to your customers would increase your brand awareness. In a way, by sending them promotion messages would make them feel part of the brand.

There are many benefits that you can get when you subscribe to us. The best part is, our packages are very affordable.

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