Maximize Profit With SMS Blast Aggregator

When you subscribe to our SMS blast package, you can still maximize your profit even if you don’t put much invest in it. At Moobig, our cost efficient SMS aggregator will definitely give you that.

Moobig’s  SMS blast provider will enable you to send personalized messages to your consumers such as announcement of new products, updates, promotions or events.

Not only that, SMS can also be a mean to alert consumers of certain emergency. For instance, authority can send messages to the people about scams.

Lastly, marketing SMS can also be used as a customer service as company can ask for feedbacks and other customer support matter through SMS where consumers can rely on problem resolution via SMS.

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Send Messages to Thousands of Customers with Bulk SMS

Smartphone users are increasing year by year. Noticing the trend, companies of all sizes are using Bulk SMS Malaysia to widen their reach. Plus, by using this service, customers and prospects will read your messages because there is no ‘spam’ filters in mobile messaging.

No doubt that there are many companies that offer this service. However, here at Moobig, we offer you an affordable rate. In fact, we are known as the ‘cheapest SMS gateway provider’. Our rate can go as low as RM0.05 per SMS and the more you buy, the cheaper the rates are.

In short, with Moobig’s SMS gateway development, you will be able to send messages to over a thousand customers at any given time.

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Go Global With SMS Marketing

When you look around you, you could see people looking at their phones. Either scrolling through timelines on their social media account or buying a last minute anniversary gift.  Hence, companies see this as an opportunity to market their business, in other words, SMS marketing.

With that being said, Moobig’s SMS Blast Software lets you to send almost unlimited personalized information to your customers, no sweat, literally. But that’s not all, Moobig’s International SMS aggregators are able to send reminders and promotions to your customers. Basically anything that you would think could help you to expand your business.

 Overall, with services like SMS Gateway, you could send your messages to over 200 countries and 6 billion mobile users. So, why settle at local when you can go global with Moobig.

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There’s Nothing like Sending Your Messaging with SMS

Technology is constantly changing. Hence for that reason, many people are moving from traditional media to digital and new media. Previously there were not many advertising platforms. Now businesses can market their business to maintain existing customers and attract new customers. It all possible thanks to digital marketing.

However, not all platforms should be left forgotten or deemed ineffective. We’re talking about Short Message Service or SMS. This is because of often than not, some customers do appreciate a short, right to the point message.

SMS, just like advertising using modern media, can also help to boost effectiveness of other marketing or advertising channel.

Altogether, even though many people use instant messaging apps, people still send SMS because we don’t need to be connected to the internet. 

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SMS Marketing Tool Is You Best Bet To Get Your Messages Across

It is the perfect marketing tools for business to promote and create brand. Most companies would spend so much on advertisements using traditional methods. As a result, online SMS marketing tool has the best way in reaching to your consumers and prospects. Similarly, web SMS is much affordable and able to reach to consumers much quicker.

As matter of fact, our bulk SMS can be sent internationally as we cover 237 countries.

This type of marketing has high percentage rate of open rates. No matter how busy your consumers or prospects are, they will eventually read you messages.

Bulk SMS Marketing

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Send Those Messages At An Affordable Rate

Majority of people nowadays own at least a smartphone. Hence, local businesses either small or big have been using bulk SMS Malaysia. It is considered as the best marketing tool as bulk SMS can easily be done through an SMS gateway and you can send those messages through a provider with affordable rate.

Furthermore, bulk SMS Malaysia is also considered as an essential marketing tool and effective from of communication. This method is best to convey messages to consumers and prospects with a minimum rate and with ease.

Ultimately, there are many types of messaging services that are provided by telco companies.

With the help of cutting-edge and steadfast devices, now one can have any messages delivered to thousands of people on the go. As a result, it makes business marketing a relaxed task at hand.

Bulk SMS Malaysia

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Sending Bulk SMS Is Easy And Fun

It’s easy and exciting to use bulk SMS. That’s because you can send business messages, notifications, birthday reminders and event updates to your consumers. You can personalize any messages and send them anytime, anywhere with your bulk SMS service.

You don’t have to worry about your credit expiration date for bulk SMS getting. That’s because you can top it up anytime.

However, should you have any inquiries, you can contact our support team via live chat and email.

Bulk SMS Service

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Increase Customer Satisfaction And Sales

Mobile operators in Malaysia are familiar with the bulk SMS solution. This service is operated by the high quality, low cost bulk SMS delivery.

The service is used to deliver thousands of messages to your subscribers. In addition, the bulk SMS solution is known as one of the safest SMS infrastructure as it is secured by the trusted data centre.

Plus, the solution is also known for using the native SS7 inter-operator protocol. That means, it connects to other telco operator worldwide. Consequently, bulk SMS solution can increase your subscribers’ satisfaction and sales.

Thousands of Personalized SMS for Your Subscribers

Here at Moobig we are all about giving a helping hand to companies in promoting their business. We do so with cost effective and efficient methods.

Your subscribers have decided to your service and it’s time to give something back to them. Tell them about your promotions, sales or upcoming events.

With our SMS gateway development, it will allow you to customize text messages and send them to your loyal subscribers. With this, it means your promotions will have a personal touch which in turns will help you to rise above other competitors.

Send thousands of personalized SMS to your subscribers using our services.

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It’s Effective and It Only Costs You 6 Sen Per Message

Most people consider Short Message Service or SMS as an outdated communication channel. However, it can actually be part of the most successful marketing channel.

If you’re not familiar with marketing SMS, this service is usually done by the SMS aggregators like Moobig. We provide various types or packages of SMS blast starting from RM0.06 per message. Moobig is also an international SMS aggregator with coverage of 237 countries.

What makes marketing SMS stands out is the fact that it has 98% open rates and it is effective.

Let’s talk about its other benefits. The first being time saving marketing channel. Compared to traditional marketing channel, SMS is lot simpler where you don’t have to spend too much time and money. Plus, why do you need long sentences when you can reach your subscribers with 160 characters.

The second benefit is you get for what you pay for. As low as RM0.06 per message when you subscribe to Moobig SMS blast packages with open rates of 98%, that’s a steal!