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With the advent increase usage of mobile and smart phones, Bulk SMS Malaysia is being used by various businesses from small to large enterprise all over the country, hence the world as well. Bulk SMS Malaysia has becoming the best way of marketing tools in business and products as text marketing is easily done through an SMS gateway and you can send Bulk SMS messages through a provider that charges much cheaper rate than average network.

Moreover, Bulk SMS Malaysia marketing is an essential latest marketing tools and an effective form of communication across all industry to constantly in contact with customers and prospects with a minimum rate and without any hassles. For example, with help of Bulk SMS Malaysia facility, merchant can promote discounts, special events, new stocks and perks to customers within few minutes.

Nevertheless, there are various types of messaging services provided by telecommunication companies, the perception of Bulk SMS has increased maximum acceptance for its simple, consistent and speedy functionalities. With help of cutting-edge and steadfast devices, now one can have any message delivered to thousands of people on the go that makes business marketing a contented and relaxing task at hand.


Unlocking the Know-How of Mobile Messaging for Any Business

PWTC 2011, Kuala Lumpur – December 31st, 2011 – : Global mobile messaging operator MOOBIG Bulk SMS today announced the launch of SMS Expert to help more businesses boost sales, enhance customer satisfaction and beat the economic downturn through the adoption of SMS.

SMS Expert makes trawling through endless online forums and consulting your social network to get your questions answered a thing of the past. With SMS Expert, you book an appointment online, and ask anything about your mobile messaging objectives. An SMS guru provides impartial help and guidance free of charge and draws upon MOOBIG Bulk SMS’s deep SMS knowledge base and expertise built up over a decade.

With major analysts predicting global SMS expenditure to rocket beyond 15 billion Euros in 2015, it is clear that many businesses already embrace the benefits of SMS integration into their sales, marketing and customer service strategies.

Yet by contrast, MOOBIG Bulk SMS recognises there are millions of businesses who are still not able to send bulk SMS notifications or transactional SMS alerts due to lack of understanding or resources. Such businesses are now able to explore how to profit from SMS, bounce ideas and discuss technical proposals with a true SMS Expert. Using a consultative approach, SMS Expert presents independent advice and recommendations after capturing an intimate understanding of the customer’s needs.

SMS Expert breaks the mould of asking a service provider how to do something and getting a one-sided sales pitch. SMS Expert is geared to accommodate questions from experienced SMS senders to those taking first steps”, said Sharon Maurenn, Marketing Manager. “Whether the question is about what regulations affect SMS campaigns in specific country or how to navigate the minefield of mobile number portability, SMS Expert has it totally covered”, she added.


Beginning February 18, MOOBIG Bulk SMS will operate in Malaysia therefore DiGi, Celcom, Maxis, Tunetalk, U Mobile Malaysia’s mobile operator goes hand in hand with MOOBIG Bulk SMS to enhance consumer volume.

MOOBIG Bulk SMS is geared to address the critical mobile messaging needs of organizations across all industry sectors and notably, this includes government and financial service sectors where security, stability and speed areof paramount importance.

MOOBIG Bulk SMS connects and roams directly with operators worldwide using the native SS7 inter-operator protocol for sending SMS. This permits us to significantly shrink the delivery chain by cuƫng out intermediaries and thereby affording increased transparency in fault diagnosis and long term cost savings, which are passed on to you.

Our core SMS infrastructure is resilient and extremely secure, located in an environmentally hardened data center in London for maximum protection. As a RoutoMessaging customer you will gain access to technical Support around the clock, regardless of the Ɵme-zone you’re in, so we can acƟvely resolve any queries as quickly as possible.


KUALA LUMPUR: Despite a hard time convincing backers that a mobile messaging technology could be effective in business, MOOBIG Bulk SMS perservered and today their company has grown to encompass 9 countries in the region and over one billion subscribers.

MOOBIG Bulk SMS provides messaging connectivity and solutionswhich powers 18 industries, such as advertising and marketing, aviation, banking and finance, IT and e-commerce and telecommunications. Its global mobile messaging network is connected to more than 500 mobile operators worldwide.

Since its inception in 2000, MOOBIG Bulk SMS anticipate the company will continue to record solid double digit growth annually. “In fact, earnings from January until September this year surpassed last year’s RM30 million. We’ve seen our revenue grow by 50 per cent from 2010 to 2011 and we hope to achieve similar results going forward,”Sharon Maurenn, Marketing Manager told The Mail.

He said MOOBIG Bulk SMS was looking to cover at least 10 more countries for the next three years, focusing on three new markets every year. MOOBIG Bulk SMS’s immediate plan is to venture into the Middle East, aiming to cover the entire region within three to four years.

“In terms of technology, the Middle East is still a green field and there lies a big opportunity for mobile technology services,”Sharon said, adding that MOOBIG Bulk SMS usually spends about RM500,000 as start-up costs in a new country.

MOOBIG Bulk SMS, a fully home-grown Malaysian business, has now made its presence felt in Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam.

“We want to expand our services beyond Malaysia, broaden our product range and penetrate as many industries and markets as possible. The availability of the applications in different industries is not limited by the technology but how fast we can expand into these markets and sectors,Sharon said.

Of all the industries it serves the brothers say financial institutions have recorded the biggest growth in the last two years. The aviation, transportation and logistics and telecommunications industries have also shown commendable growth.

As part of its policy, the company makes it a point to monitor customers and takes proactive measures to ensure compliance of operating conditions set by governments.

“After five to six years of developing MOOBIG Bulk SMS, we can now see actual growth results in the recent three to four years. We believe mobile technology has a good future as convergence takes place,” Sharon said online doctor prescription for viagra.