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MOOBIG Multi-functional SMS System Provider is a two-way communication that enables you to create SMS site by helping you to develop on sales, inventory and marketing besides sending BULK SMS to your customers on products and services.

Web SMS Marketing by MOOBIG functions through cell phones by SMS (Short Message Service) to an organization. However for spam issues, the mobile operators already set special guidelines in preventing such spams.
In fact, Web SMS Marketing in MOOBIG sets as the useful safest and the greatest impact and aspects of the marketing scopes in Malaysia by creating good relationships with customers and turn up the marketing industry around Asia.

Online SMS Solution is a web-based bulk SMS tool that has no programming and you can receive SMS replies directly to your communicator’s inbox and as it doesn’t requires any necessary downloads, you can register an account easily and sign in to send your Bulk SMS.

Bulk SMS and Marketing Tool

Marketing by mobile phones are the ‘in thing’ of today’s world ever since the rise of SMS (Short Message Service). Mobile marketing via SMS has expanded rapidly in Malaysia as a new channel to reach the consumer. Understanding this, the MooBig offers Bulk SMS Marketing Tool to reach your customers.

With this helpful MooBig Bulk SMS Marketing Tools , it allows you to measure the result and scope of advertising besides having consumer in a way that makes them look forward to more offers awaits from you.

Send SMS to anyone in Malaysia for Free by Free Bulk SMS to Malaysia. Send Bulk Text Messages from Internet to SMS Gateway Malaysia. Send anonymous SMS or mass sms messages from Website with Web Application. Send SMS Free messages to mobile phone in Malaysia. Send SMS Text from PC to cell phone or mobile in Malaysia.

The Malaysia Free SMS requires unlimited SMS Malaysia and it works! It lets you send free text message over 150 countries not only in Malaysia but worldwide. No registration required , simply enter the mobile number that you want to text , the destination code and your message.

MOOBIG’s SMS Blast Software, Online SMS Solution & Two-Ways SMS Malaysia

MOOBIG offers array and powerful automated SMS engagement tools called Two-Ways SMS Malaysia marketing that designed to send and received reply from customers’ mobile phones via SMS and Emails. Suitable for SMS Marketing, the Two-Ways SMS Malaysia marketing is yet has becoming the most effective form of marketing as it is capable to send thousands of SMS at a time.

It personalises and targets messaging yields more in responses than the text blasting that helps you to build and always improves your brand image. The MOOBIG’s Two-Way SMS Malaysia marketing serves from short code, mass texting to two-way landline texting that is efficient and complete for your brand image. Thus, the Two-Way SMS Malaysia marketing has become popular as it is an easy one to one marketing tool.

The SMS Blast Software by MOOBIG allows you to use help tools creatively to send and personalised bulk SMS to your customers. It delivers to build a strong and creative relationship of a one way communication between your customers and your brands.

The MOOBIG’s Online SMS Solution is basically a web-based bulk SMS tool that requires no programming and to receive SMS replies directly to your communicators’ inbox. The MOOBIG’s Online SMS Solution requires no necessary downloads. Just register an account and sign in to send bulk SMS messages from any computer connected to internet.

MOOBIG’s Bulk SMS , Bulk SMS Marketing Tool and Fast Bulk SMS Service

The MOOBIG Bulk SMS also known as One Way SMS has been widely used especially around Asia. Bulk SMS allows you to send Upcoming Sales, Outlet Launching, Announcement, Alert & Notification, Reminder for appointment and many more while having on saving your time and communicate with your clients easily and efficiently.

The MOOBIG Bulk SMS Marketing Tool is an ultimate SMS Marketing Tool that helps you to plan your company’s strategy within Asia and build better relationship with your customers as the SMS that you sent can be replied directly to your email so that you may follow up with your SMS campaign while gives you better boundaries than your competitors.

The MOOBIG Bulk SMS Marketing Tool keeps your brand in presence towards successful SMS marketing, while having you to strengthen and creates more opportunities for your brand. MOOBIG Bulk SMS Marketing Tool is one of the special tools for advertising tool option because you can create creatively your own pitch about your brand and the potential is limitless.

The Fast Bulk SMS Service by the MOOBIG offers , Real Time Reporting , Multi-Account MOOBIG Plug In, Easy Reload , Birthdays Reminder , Mobile Ads , Address Book and Bulk SMS so that you can enjoy your offers for your brand and build a good one way communication with your customers in future.

Web SMS Marketing

Web SMS Marketing is a web marketing that actually functions through cell phones by SMS (Short Message Service) to an organization viagra no prescription.

Throughout the years, Web SMS Marketing has been used to give out more information and services to customers.

The Web SMS Marketing has known to expand and reach the consumers throughout Europe and Asia.

As privacy issues have becoming salient, there are messages (SMS) can be in a form of a spam as which some advertisers sends unintended content to the consumers. However the mobile operators already set a special guidelines in preventing spam.

In addition, Web SMS Marketing is one of the safest and known as the greatest impacts and aspects of marketing in the industry.

Multi-Functional SMS System Provider

Multi-Functional SMS System Provider is a two way communication that makes information to mobile phones by SMS.

Multi-Functional SMS System Provider enables you to create an SMS site allowing customers and employees to access the information easily.

Multi-Functional SMS System Provider helps to develop on sales, inventory and marketing of an organization besides sending Bulk SMS to your customers for products and services.

As you may know, Multi-Functional SMS System Provider is when you can get your information timely by your fingertips.

Bulk SMS Solution

The Bulk SMS Solution is widely operated in Malaysia’s mobile operator. Founded in the year of 2000 , Bulk SMS Solution is operated by the text-messaging in providing a high quality with a lower costs of Bulk SMS delivery services.

Bulk SMS Solution is used to deliver all industry sectors of organizations critical messaging. In other hand, the Bulk SMS Solution is one of the safest SMS infrastructure as it is secured by the trusted data centre.

Bulk SMS Solution is known by using the native SS7 inter-operator protocol that makes it connects to the operators worldwide.

Bulk SMS Solution can also help the communities in every industry by enhancing customer’s satisfaction and level up their sales.

SMS Blast Software

moobig sms software

Do you know that more than 2.4 million people in the world are sending and receiving text messages every day? That is way is the best for you out there who wants to expand their businesses to marketing products/services or need to send multiple messages of updates for your own society/family with affordable rate.

SMS blast software helps any company promoting their products or services by sending messages to their receivers. And with SMS Blast Software, the message that will be send can also be replied by the receivers and at the same time you can follow up them for any updates.

SMS blast software is also save your time whereby the messages can send in a high delivery speed and the chances of the messages to not be delivered and delayed is low.

Fast Bulk SMS

moobig fast sms offers a service which you able to get to a large group of potential customers only by SMS. The software that will be using to blast out the messages is efficient whereby you can easily type your text ads and send the message out to multiple numbers in a short time. And here we call it as Fast Bulk SMS.

Whether you want to use it for business purposes, marketing tool, send out your promotion or any sale items, send any update events among the employees, meeting appointment or reminder, the recipients will receive your message in less than a minute.

With this Fast Bulk SMS services, you can choose any demographic group in your contacts and send out the messages to any state or country with the cheapest rate.

Easy Bulk SMS

moobig easy sms

Fun and easy is the best way to describe Bulk SMS. Why?? Easy Bulk SMS is not only for business purposes, but you also may use it to send notification, birthday reminders or event updates among your family, friends or colleagues.

Describe easy?? This Easy Bulk SMS is so easy breezy as you only need to deliver your messages from your computer with it web based system anytime and anywhere that you want.

In, our skilled support team works 24/7 through live chat and email to make sure the business and the system runs smoothly.

Expiry date? No worries, our credits for Bulk SMS will never get expired. You can top-up your credits as many as you want anytime.

Easy and cheap, what else do you need? To know more about Easy Bulk SMS, kindly visit