Grow Your Business With This Method

Competition is something that any business owner will face. The customers are free to choose whichever products or services that they want to buy or to use. In order to attract them, business owners use various marketing strategies such as paid advertising, word of mouth, internet marketing, and many more.

Another strategy that most marketers prefer to use is SMS marketing. Unlike other strategies that require big budget, SMS marketing is the most affordable and effective. In addition, mobile consumers who prefer and appreciate the ease of access from a simple link in a text message allow SMS marketing to rise as a differentiated business-to-consumer engagement channel and offers various benefits to marketers.

To conclude, SMS marketing strategy is used widely as a strategic component by businesses and it is time for you to do the same. Go to Moobig website and have a look at all the packages that we offer. Or call us personally if you have some questions. We are happy to help.

98 Percent Open Rate with This Method

Even small businesses deserve all the attention that big businesses are getting. However, that does not mean that you should put most of your investment in other advertisement platforms like printing and electronic such as newspaper, billboards, televisions, or radio.

Because every cost is big for a small business, you should focus your marketing strategy to SMS for its affordable cost. Even big brands use SMS marketing for their campaign on top of their other marketing plans.

SMS has 98 percent open rate making it the most effective way of marketing. Comparing to other platform such as email, it has 20 percent open rates and there’s a possibility that your messages are directed to spam folder.

There are many benefits that you can get from SMS marketing. So go to and look at the packages with affordable rates. If you have any questions, approach our sales representative and we will be happy to help. Start making a difference to your business now.

Promote Your Business with Bulk SMS Gateway

Many companies around the globe have expanded their businesses because of SMS marketing. It is a strong tool to send out their messages to their target audience and increasing sales. Both small and large businesses use bulk SMS marketing to boost their sales.

Many people nowadays use their smartphones for almost anything. Thus, mobile advertising is an effective method for companies to promote their services and products. A bulk SMS service operated through an SMS gateway provider such as Moobig, can be used to send planned messages to a large number of customers.

Because of its highly cost effective and efficient promotional technique, most companies are choosing to invest in bulk SMS. With that being said, it’s time for you to contact our representatives today and start make a difference to your business.

3 Ways to Use Bulk SMS Messaging For Your Businesses

SMS messaging has changed the way we communicate. It is also changing the way businesses advertise their products and services. Businesses opt for SMS messaging because it is a highly useful tool to engage your target audience. Plus, it is also a channel that you can use to send offers, promotions or alerts.
Moreover, SMS marketing can increase customer engagements and brand experiences. Here are 3 ways you can use bulk SMS messaging.

1. Feedback
You would want to hear feedback from your customers about your products and services. Typically, using SMS is the fastest, most direct and efficient method to yield results and at the same time open two-way communication. Plus, it’s cost-effective too.

2. Two-factor authentication
In today’s technology where instant messaging is widely used to stay connected, security is a serious matter. Given that, the two-factor authentication or 2FA can protect users from phishers and hackers hence providing a safe platform or app.

3. Optimizing email marketing
More companies are combining SMS marketing into their email campaigns. Due to SMS open rates at 98% they have recognized the importance of boosting email open rates which then turn into conversion rates by using bulk SMS messaging with their email campaigns.
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Pay Less and Get More With Moobig

Nowadays, most people own at least a smartphone or a mobile phone. A research conducted by Pew Research Center found that 95% of Americans own a smartphone. In a separate article, they also estimated that more than 5 billion people have mobile devices which half of these connections are smartphones.

Using this fact, marketers realize that SMS marketing is one of the best ways to promote their businesses. The core strength of bulk SMS is you can send out your messages to all contacts from your data at once. Unlike, other marketing strategy such as email that will either end up in spam folder or the recipients ignore your messages, SMS marketing has high chance that your customers will read the message as soon as they receive them.

Other than many benefits of using bulk SMS, the cost that comes with them is quite reasonable. Moobig as one of the Malaysia bulk SMS aggregators, offer few packages with price tags that will suit to your SMS marketing campaigns. They go as low as RM0.06 per SMS for 500,001 SMS and above.

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Reach All Customers With Bulk SMS

In this day and age, marketing techniques are completely different before the Internet was invented. Hence, that makes today’s market more competitive. Some marketers use the advantage of using digital technology to reach customers and potential customers directly.

A few marketers use online advertising to bring in business, but it has some limitations. They can only reach customers who use a computer or a laptop.

Therefore bulk SMS marketing is getting popular among marketers as they can reach all customers in their database. This is because, we have our smartphone with us all the time and when we receive a text messages, we will check or read them.

Bulk SMS service provider like Moobig provides panel login where you can manage your SMS marketing campaigns such as target audience and language. It doesn’t matter what size your business is because the goal of bulk SMS marketing is to improve your leads.

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Global and Affordable with Moobig

Most of the time, people have their smartphone with them either scrolling through timelines on their social media, shopping, chatting via messaging apps or playing mobile games. So, many businesses take this as favourable circumstances to advertise their brands or products via SMS marketing.

Moobig’s SMS Blast Software allows you to send almost unlimited personalized messages to your customers without any hassle. Plus, with Moobig’s International SMS aggregators, you can send your messages to mobile users in over 100 countries.

If you are concerned about the cost, we at Moobig offer you packages with affordable rate. Our rate can go as low as RM0.05 per SMS. It’s no wonder that we are known as the ‘most affordable SMS gateway provider.’

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More Business with SMS

As technology progresses so does our way of doing business. Many people are opting for digital marketing and we at Moobig can help to expand your business.

Most consumers nowadays own at least one smartphone. With that in mind, marketing your business via SMS is a good strategy. This is because, consumers appreciate a short and simple message from their favourite brands or business.

This strategy is perfect if you are planning to attract new customers while keeping your existing customers by informing them about your promotions or campaigns.

Another great reason to advertise your business with SMS is the service does not rely on Internet connection, hence, your customers will get your messages.

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Online SMS Marketing Malaysia

What is the perfect marketing tool for business promotion and branding? Companies spend large amounts on advertising using everything from high-tech to traditional methods of media to make sure their products and services are known.

As Bulk SMS has evolved in Malaysia, we at Moobig are confident in saying that our online SMS marketing tool is the best way in reaching your leads. Web SMS is inexpensive compared to other advertising methods and you can reach a wider audience at a quicker rate. At a click of a button, thousands of numbers can be sent to your targeted clients in less than a minute. There are no national boundaries either as Bulk SMS can be sent internationally.

The SMS is the best way for businesses to contact their busy recipients. Each recipient has the option to view the message when or where they want, but the sense of urgency in a text is implied.

One-minute Brand Promotion Tool

Have you been able to reach thousands of potential customers in under a minute? Have you had access to broadcasting your business’ message to people anywhere or anytime for an extremely low price? If your answer is NO, it’s time to start using BULK SMS to expand your business.

With Moobig, the more text messages you buy, the cheaper they get. Packaging our SMS service in bulk helps us (and you, more importantly) to keep prices at remarkably low rates.

Bulk SMS can not only be used to introduce your products, it can also remind your customers about ongoing promotions or discounts, deliver seasonal greetings, and many more. Using our service on a regular basis will leave a lasting impression on your consumers and maintain personal relationships with your customers. Do the best thing for your business in under a minute today.