Grow Your Business at Anywhere and Anytime

Whenever you use BULK SMS by to spread the information or promotion, the SMS aggregator software is enable the customers to reply YES if they are interested to your marketing. You can schedule your SMS message in daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly basis.

This SMS blast software can also be used to send reminder for friend’s birthday, appointment and many more. Subscribe to SMS blast package by and get a maximum response for your customers to generate your company revenue!

It’s not just safe time and cost but also as very efficient for marketing and advertising. This unlimited SMS gateway allows you to grow your business at anywhere and anytime!

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No Hassle, it’s All on Your Fingertips

Tired of sending SMS to thousands number in your phonebook one by one? Why don’t you try Bulk SMS by This SMS blast software let you to send out a great amount of SMS message to many recipients at the same time. All you have to do is just personalize the message to the targeted customers.

Bulk SMS service can prepare by many SMS gateways available on the market. You also can require the service form an SMS gate provider.

You have to sign up to the SMS Gate Provider. You have to pay defined amount of SMS messages that you can send it out within time period given. If the SMS sending cannot be controlled by your own SMS gateway, then it needs to be mentioned that in case of these SMS services.

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Best Way to Increase Company’s Revenue

How SMS blast software works? Bulk SMS helps the companies to promote their products or services by sending the messages to the customers. Just create any promotional message and send it to the targeted customers.

It’s also a two way communication service where the customers can also reply to the sender regarding any enquiry.

On top of that, it allows the company make a follow up with them for any new updates. With these benefits, it can rise the company’s income. Bulk SMS Solution also provides a high quality with a lower cost of Bulk SMS delivery services.

Bulk SMS solution also one of the safest SMS organizations that is secured by the trusted data centre and it also can help communities in any country by improve their customers’ satisfaction and increase sales.

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Cheapest Price in Town!

Do you always having problem with SPAM email? But you don’t have to think about it when using Bulk SMS by Yes, you can send SMS text messages to thousands of targeted group in the user list, and all you messages will surely delivered to the customers safely.

Cheap , quick and efficient, Bulk SMS is a flexible platform whereby users can chooses to send the messages directly from your PC or smartphones; web account to the millions of mobile users anywhere anytime you preferred.

Either by using your smartphones or PC, just send it at anytime and anywhere you wish to as sms aggregator by is very cheap, quick and efficient with the range of price is below than 10 cents per SMS.

Users may use bulk SMS for SMS alerts, SMS competition, SMS voting, SMS dating services and SMS marketing campaigns.

No papers or inks required for marketing nowadays. With this lowest price bulk SMS marketing tool, everything will be easier and cheaper with a single click, only with bulk SMS.

Awesome for Marketing and Advertising

The Best International SMS Gateway by offers you to send multiple number of SMS directly by mobile phones, It’s very fast, easy and efficient as well as great to be used for promotion and advertisement. Not only that, Bulk SMS by can be used to send notification and alerts.

Moobig bulk SMS used for global bulk SMS delivery. With the wide coverage of over 760 mobile networks and more than 237 countries, bulk SMS is the medium that users need to send text messages either worldwide or in Malaysia.

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Build a Good Relationship with Clients

Have you noticed that Bulk SMS is widely used all over the world? Yes, it allows you to update your clients regarding upcoming sales, outlet launching, announcement, alert and notification or even appointment’s reminders.

Bulk SMS solution helps to plan the company’s marketing strategy and build better relationship with customers as the SMS you send they can reply it back.

With this awesome SMS Gateway Development, it helps companies to plan their marketing strategy as well build a strong bonding with the customers as they can reply to the SMS that you have sent.

You can have a multi-account by using Moobig Bulk SMS so that the SMS sending can be done as much as you wish.

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Easy to Monitor The History Record

The Bulk SMS Aggregators is a communication tools that provides information through your cell phones, internet and laptop.

Just like your social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, this SMS blast software system portal also has an account where you can easily sign in using your username and password and easily to be monitored through your history record.

As you may know, the SMS marketing strategy is as easy as you can get the information timely by your fingertips.

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Great SMS Scheduler

You can now send SMS to any countries which the line is reinforced by trusted SMS blast package.

Plan your personal SMS online in daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis and use as reminder for friend’s birthday, appointment and so on.

No more worries on your tight schedule, leave it all to our best International SMS Gateway!

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Bulk SMS Top Marketing Strategy

bulk sms

Bulk SMS is one of the ways to send mass number of SMS straight by mobile phones. It is fast, easy

and efficient SMS service to be used in promoting, advertising, to notify and also to provide alerts or

reminders to the customers.


The easy bulk SMS allows user to send information regarding on the new product launching,

promotion, and many more. And in, we used web SMS marketing to provide

information to the customers.


Moobig bulk SMS used for global bulk SMS delivery. With the wide coverage of over 760 mobile

networks and more than 237 countries, bulk SMS is the medium that users need to send text

messages either worldwide or in Malaysia.

The Best Advertising and Marketing Way by Bulk SMS

If you want to market your business, bulk SMS is the right way. Only by using a portal with one account, you may create your own text message and send to more than 1000 potential customers by a single click.

This online SMS Malaysia can be a two way communication between you and customers by improving your support to them.

Moobig offers you the widest range of multifunctional SMS system provider with the coverage of over 760 mobile networks in the world and more than 237 countries to be connected.

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