Your Guide to Bulk SMS

There are many forms of communication that you can use to inform your customers about your new products or services. You can inform them via e-mail, printing like newspapers and brochure, electronic media such as radio, television and many more. However, the down side of this marketing method is that they are expensive. 

With that being said, another marketing method that is affordable is called SMS marketing. Plus, sending out messages using SMS systems allow you to check whether a message was properly received. In addition, if customers are not responding well to your messages, it is time to change your game plan. 

If you are new to bulk SMS, the first you want to do is to choose a bulk SMS provider. Look for a company that can handle the volume of traffic that you require at a price that is convenient to your needs. Similarly, you should check whether the provider can actually deliver SMSes to mobile phones in your target geographic area. 

Once you have found your bulk SMS provider, you will need to make sure that the system integrates properly with the CRM and website software that you are using. Hence, always discuss with your provider about any potential problems in advance. 

Finally, after you have everything plugged in and tested, it’s time to send out your first text. Once you get hang of it, you will find that SMS is a great way to keep up-to-date about deals, appointments and critical information. 

3 Things You Need to Know About Bulk SMS

Bulk SMS marketing is undeniably one of the best marketing strategies for businesses to connect with future and current customers through mobile phone. Without proper knowledge, you will not be able to fully utilize this strategy. So, it is imperative for you to understand the good and bad of using bulk SMS as a marketing strategy. 

a. High open rate

According to SMS Global, SMS has an open rate of 98 percent with 90 percent of the messages are read within the first three minutes when your customers received them. They further noted that mobile phone ownership is close to 95 percent and no internet requirement for sending and receiving SMS. Hence, making it the best communication tool between you and your customers.

b. Send it immediately

Since it the strategy does not require internet connection, you can deliver your messages instantly. Tell them about your sale promotions, new items or services and any other important pieces of information.

c. Responsive

Bulk SMS is an excellent method to ask feedback from customers, persuade them to subscribe to your services, and many more. Compared to other marketing methods such as email, with SMS you will get responses from customer almost instantly.

5 Tips to Grow Your Business

If you think all SMS marketing campaign are made equal, you better think again. If you look closely, there are businesses that fully integrate SMS marketing into their business while others not so much. ScanLife did a survey and they found that 89 percent of customers use their mobile phones while shopping. 

If you are serious about growing your business, here are some tips on how to maximize your growth. 

a. Who are your customers?

You need to analyse your customers’ purchase history and location-based demographics so you can send the right messages to the right customers.

b. Crystal clear messages

Each message is limited to 160 characters and you need to get your points across. So, you have to make sure the message is clear and to the point written in language that your customers can understand. If you are informing customers about a sale, give them a specific date when it ends or putting an expiration date on a coupon.

c. CTA buttons

CTA or calls-to-action will increase customer engagement with your messages. Use texts like “Show this text”, “Click here”, or “Buy now”.

d. It’s all about the timing

It’s all about the right timing as it takes people an average of three minutes to open messages. An article by Convince & Convert, customers’ responses to sales, promotions and events promoted on SMS are most effective when they’re last-minute impulses. However, don’t send them out too early in the morning or too late at night.

e. Identify your best customers

Your best customers are the ones who are loyal and consistently buy from you. They also give you feedback and promote your brand to their friends and family.

All in all, it does not matter what kind of business you are running, you can maximize the benefits of your SMS marketing campaign by creating interesting messages and analysing your customer demographics.

Get Your SMS Marketing Strategy Right

If it’s done right, your SMS marketing strategy is extremely effective. There are many ways that you can use SMS marketing for such as coupons, vouchers, appointments, reminders, events, invitations and more.  

Despite many instant messaging apps that are available for smartphone users, SMS still remains one of the most effective marketing tools. The service is affordable and it gives you the ability to engage and track customer relationships.  Here is your guide on how to get the most out of SMS marketing. 

Reaching for the goal from the start 

Before you even start creating your messages, you have to decide on what kind of campaign that is relevant to your customers. Do you want customer feedback or to send reminders to customers? Set your goal first and make sure that what you will send out is interesting and helpful. 

Simple is better 

Text messages are limited to 160 characters but that is not an excuse for you not to start investing in SMS marketing. The key point of a successful SMS marketing is to highlight the important stuff at the beginning of your messages. Keep it straight to the point. 


Another thing you have to remember is to avoid using slang or text speak and always proof-read before sending out the messages. However, since you are limited to 160 characters, standard abbreviations are fine but don’t overuse it. 

Nevertheless, once you got everything, go to Moobig and look at the plans that they offer. Better yet, talk to one of their sales representatives to start making big changes to your business. 

5 SMS Marketing Facts That Should Know

Customers from all walks of life use their phones few times every day. It is opening opportunities for businesses and brands to reach their targeted customers. Despite with the advancement of technology in telecommunication, SMS marketing is the most favoured communication method over PPC or email. 

In addition, text messaging allows business to establish relationship with the customer with impressive open rates. Here are five facts that you should know about SMS marketing. 

1. Use short links to boost conversion rates

A blog called rebrandly quoted that branded links achieve higher CTR than generic short links. This is because they mark your messages as being directly related to your brand. Hence, from your customers’ point of view, a link within a text could send them anywhere on the web. Plus, they feel better about clicking it because your company wouldn’t be associated with spam or phishing sites.

2. SMS open rates beat email

Voicesage noted that compared to email, SMS text messaging boasts a considerably higher open rate. It is an easy marketing strategy choice when you pair it with cheaper than many email campaigns with a greater return on investment.

3. Most people are fine with promotional offers via text

Meanwhile according to marketingprofs, 75 percent of people are fine with receiving an SMS text from a brand after they opt for it. It is because of the personal touch the text messages come with and SMS marketing tends to be less intrusive.

4. They prefer texting for support

On the other hand, Small Biz Daily wrote more than 50 percent of customers prefer contatcting support through text messaging. By allowing customers to get support via text cuts down on waiting time and will enable you to automate answers to common questions.

5. More companies opt for SMS marketing

Furthermore, Sales Force said 20 percent of marketing leaders plan on using SMS in their marketing strategies in the 12 months. They further noted, more and more studies show the success of SMS marketing strategies.

To conclude, SMS marketing is the obvious choice when you want to complement existing marketing strategies and engage customers in shorter and more empathetic way.

Communicate With Your Customers With This

In the fast-paced world today, we want communication methods that suit us. In other words, a nice, quick, convenient way that fits with our lifestyle. So when it comes to preferable method to market your products and services, SMS marketing is excellent. 

Just like email marketing, SMS marketing allows you to communicate with customers with marketing messages via SMS. They can vary from promotional messages, product launch alert, sales, offers and many more. To put it simply, SMS marketing is the perfect way to inform your customers about your products and services. 

You can send out large bulk SMS messages to many customers from your database in a single click. Plus, you can track who have clicked the links (if there’s any) and see who has unsubscribed from your services.  

Another fact that you should know is that according to Garner, 98 percent of all text messages that you sent will get read. In addition, 95 percent are read within 3 minutes as stated by Forbes. 

All in all, SMS marketing can help your business with anything and everything. So, if you want to give SMS marketing a try, talk to our sales representative today. 

SMS Marketing; Affordable, Fast And Effective Solution For You

The economy is not doing too well nowadays. That drives business owners to spend less but still want to keep earning profits if not to earn more. The solution to this dilemma is SMS marketing. It is affordable, fast and effective solution for businesses. 

SMS marketing is a technique used to send messages such as information, product updates, discount offers and much more to all consumers instantly. For them to get such information, consumers need to opt into an automated SMS system by texting an initial shortcode. 

Since the technique is permission-based, businesses are required to organize SMS campaigns to get consents from consumers. In addition, they are legally and ethically obliged to give clear instructions to consumers on how to unsubscribe. 

To conclude, SMS marketing is a necessary to tool for businesses to keep their operation running and gain profit in today’s economy. Plus, they would have to use the technique effectively such as enticing consumer with offers that would interest them. Therefore, a team of professional marketing team goes hand in hand in creating high returns for a company through SMS. 

A Service System That Cost Effective and Customers Appreciate A Lot

Bulk SMS is an effective marketing channel that should be indispensable part of any mobile marketing strategy that can achieve real success in today’s mobile world. Everywhere we go, we can see that mobile phones are part of our life. We book a ride with it, shop with it, making payments with it and so much more. Hence mobile marketing is a must for all businesses that want to keep a competitive edge over their competitors. 

Plus, bulk SMS is fast, cost effective, a permission-based, which customers appreciate a lot. The service allows business of all sizes to send large quantities of SMS messages to different mobile phones through different mobile carries. This will then improve your marketing and customer communication.  

If used strategically, bulk SMS enables marketers to send text messages nationally and internationally. Bulk SMS service is also one of the best solutions for businesses targeting to reach a specific audience either locally or globally. 

Visit to learn about the packages that they offer. Or you can contact their sales representative if you have any questions. 

Bulk SMS Services for Your Home and Office

Many people assume that Bulk SMS is a service that only large corporations or businesses use, but that’s not true! There are plenty of things you can get done with text messages, and you don’t have to be a multimillion dollar company to afford it.

Moobig offers 4 different packages ranging from 12sen to 6sen per SMS, each with a coverage of 237 countries and no hidden charges. We also provide an analytic report and delivery receipts for your texts. Whether you’ve got a big family to keep up with, a blooming startup business, a new campaign you want to skyrocket, or a large business with lots of needs, Moobig can handle it all.

Start using Bulk SMS for your home or business in less than 15 minutes, and you won’t regret it. Click here to learn more!

A Guaranteed Way to Reach Your Customers

Modern technology has created multiple ways for you to reach your customers. The problem? Not all methods guarantee that your customers will receive or read your announcements. So how do you overcome this issue?

Moobig provides the solution your business needs with Bulk SMS. Text messages are more reliable than anything that requires an internet connection or mobile data. SMS is a stable and guaranteed way to makre sure your customers are being notified of your current promotions, new products or features, and any other announcements.

Moobig’s Bulk SMS service is also incredibly affordable when you choose a package deal. Each package is designed for different needs, so you receive exactly what you pay for. Engage and reach out to each of your customers and clients today.