5 SMS Marketing Facts That Should Know

Customers from all walks of life use their phones few times every day. It is opening opportunities for businesses and brands to reach their targeted customers. Despite with the advancement of technology in telecommunication, SMS marketing is the most favoured communication method over PPC or email. 

In addition, text messaging allows business to establish relationship with the customer with impressive open rates. Here are five facts that you should know about SMS marketing. 

1. Use short links to boost conversion rates

A blog called rebrandly quoted that branded links achieve higher CTR than generic short links. This is because they mark your messages as being directly related to your brand. Hence, from your customers’ point of view, a link within a text could send them anywhere on the web. Plus, they feel better about clicking it because your company wouldn’t be associated with spam or phishing sites.

2. SMS open rates beat email

Voicesage noted that compared to email, SMS text messaging boasts a considerably higher open rate. It is an easy marketing strategy choice when you pair it with cheaper than many email campaigns with a greater return on investment.

3. Most people are fine with promotional offers via text

Meanwhile according to marketingprofs, 75 percent of people are fine with receiving an SMS text from a brand after they opt for it. It is because of the personal touch the text messages come with and SMS marketing tends to be less intrusive.

4. They prefer texting for support

On the other hand, Small Biz Daily wrote more than 50 percent of customers prefer contatcting support through text messaging. By allowing customers to get support via text cuts down on waiting time and will enable you to automate answers to common questions.

5. More companies opt for SMS marketing

Furthermore, Sales Force said 20 percent of marketing leaders plan on using SMS in their marketing strategies in the 12 months. They further noted, more and more studies show the success of SMS marketing strategies.

To conclude, SMS marketing is the obvious choice when you want to complement existing marketing strategies and engage customers in shorter and more empathetic way.