Is it real that people don’t read text message anymore?

Almost all companies worldwide use online websites, and so many social networking sites with high percentage of consumption for advertising. But is it real that people don’t read text messages anymore?

Text Messages

While most of us think it is outdated, there are actually many benefits you can get from using bulk SMS services. The major benefit of using text messages as your marketing strategy is it is direct. While social platform like Facebook and YouTube only show you the advertisement because you accidentally saw it in your timeline, SMS is directly sent to your customers. There are a lot lesser chance that customers will ignore a text message. According to Adobe Digital Marketing Blog (2015), 97% of all marketing SMS are opened and only 20-30% e-mail are opened.

Text messages also have less words than email, which is a good thing for marketing. Less words means more attention, straight to the point, as it is directly stating what you want to convey to them.

Other than that it is more cost effective than any other media as we can see the statistic of marketing SMS opened. So you can save money and do less work with SMS aggregator while you have to do more works when you advertise on other platform as you have to design the graphic and motion for it.

Moobig are the cheapest SMS gateway provider. There are different type of bulk SMS packages starting from RM0.06.

We offer a wide selection of packages with affordable prices to meet your promotional needs. Surely, It gives a big advantage for your business. Simply, we give you affordable price and good result. So, you will no longer have high marketing costs. Bulk SMS marketing is a simple strategy and to the point, which is very good for promotion.

So what’s to doubt about using SMS for marketing strategy?