Turn Prospects in to Business with Bulk SMS

Most people would read a text messages. Hence, when you subscribed to our Bulk SMS service, the chances of people reading your messages are higher compared to other marketing strategies like email or printed advertisement.

Besides, for small-medium businesses, it is not wise to spend a large sum of money on flyers and distribute them in public. Because the chance of prospects turn in to your customers is low.

Hence, marketing strategy via Bulk SMS is seen as an effective selection of ads with segmented targets. For that reason, the possibility of your prospects turn in to business is very high.

Bulk SMS for business


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Advertising using SMS is Still Relevant

When it comes to advertising, most advertisers turn to online such social media. Not many realise the benefits of short message service or SMS advertising. Most think that it is outdated.

We at Moobig, beg to differ. There are actually many benefits that you can get from SMS especially bulk SMS services. Among the benefits is that your marketing strategy is directly towards your customers.

Meanwhile, most of the time advertisements on social media are not really engaging. While SMS, customers will open up the messages to read them. In addition, SMS advertising has less words than email, which means your customers will know what you are trying to convey.


SMS advertising

Get Feedback from Customers with our Affordable SMS Gateways

There are few companies that provide SMS gateways. However, which of them provide good services with affordable price tag?

Of course, when you look at our packages, you will notice that we provide affordable services and excellent customer service to boot.

To illustrate, our SMS blast software allows a two way stream of messaging that lets you to promote your products or services through SMS messages.

Consequently, your customers can reply to the messages. Allowing you to receive feedback from them.

SMS Gateways

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Blast Out Your Personalized Messages

Have you heard of Bulk SMS? It means that you can send a large number of messages to different recipients at the same using an SMS gateway. Not only that, you can do personalized messages according to what the messages are about.

Personalized Messages

Additionally, there are two ways for you to connect the SMS gateway to your customers’ mobile network. Firstly, you can use the GSM modem connectivity or use Bulk SMS to send your messages to customers at the same time.

In fact, GSM modem could not handle to blast out bulk messages. The system is limited to 6 to 10 messages per minute. Hence, making Bulk SMS is the right choice for you.

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Bulk SMS as a Medium of Business Communication

Businesses are looking at Bulk SMS as a medium of business communication. This is because of its direct benefits in increasing operational efficiencies.

In addition, Bulk SMS Marketing Tools lets you to send your personalized messages to customers without Internet connection. Moreover, most recipients will open when they receive your messages.

Not to mention, at Moobig we provide comprehensive data such as location, gender, and age group. Equally important, we also produced a set of specific guides to comply with Personal Data Protection Act.

Bulk SMS

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Get Comprehensive Data with Bulk SMS

It is seems that multitasking is becoming part of our society. Therefore, Moobig is also known as Multi Functional SMS System Provider. It is a two-way communication that delivers messages to mobile phones via Bulk SMS service.

As you subscribe with Moobig Bulk SMS package, you can establish an SMS site that allows users to access it without any difficulty.

In addition, your customers will know about your products and services with our Bulk SMS service. But, as the Multi-Functional SMS Provider, you will also get comprehensive data such as sale, inventory and marketing.

bulk sms service

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Is it real that people don’t read text message anymore?

Almost all companies worldwide use online websites, and so many social networking sites with high percentage of consumption for advertising. But is it real that people don’t read text messages anymore?

Text Messages

While most of us think it is outdated, there are actually many benefits you can get from using bulk SMS services. The major benefit of using text messages as your marketing strategy is it is direct. While social platform like Facebook and YouTube only show you the advertisement because you accidentally saw it in your timeline, SMS is directly sent to your customers. There are a lot lesser chance that customers will ignore a text message. According to Adobe Digital Marketing Blog (2015), 97% of all marketing SMS are opened and only 20-30% e-mail are opened.

Text messages also have less words than email, which is a good thing for marketing. Less words means more attention, straight to the point, as it is directly stating what you want to convey to them.

Other than that it is more cost effective than any other media as we can see the statistic of marketing SMS opened. So you can save money and do less work with SMS aggregator while you have to do more works when you advertise on other platform as you have to design the graphic and motion for it.

Moobig are the cheapest SMS gateway provider. There are different type of bulk SMS packages starting from RM0.06.

We offer a wide selection of packages with affordable prices to meet your promotional needs. Surely, It gives a big advantage for your business. Simply, we give you affordable price and good result. So, you will no longer have high marketing costs. Bulk SMS marketing is a simple strategy and to the point, which is very good for promotion.

So what’s to doubt about using SMS for marketing strategy?

Follow Up At Anytime

Bulk SMS allows users to use SMS Blast Software where it helps the companies to promote their products or services by sending the messages to the customers. The messages will be sending to the customers and also it allows the receivers to reply the messages with personal sms online

On top of that, it allows the company make a follow up with them for any new updates. With these advantages, it can increase the company’s revenue. SMS Gateway Development also provides a high quality with a lower cost of Bulk SMS delivery services.

Bulk SMS solution also one of the safest SMS infrastructures that is secured by the trusted data centre and it also can help communities in any country by enhance their customers’ satisfaction and increase sales.

SMS Blast Software

Source: Google

With all these advantages, there are some surprising facts that will make you more confident to use our SMS blast software:

  • Marketing Costs Will be Driven Down

Budget marketing is an important thing to consider, although it is this that will provide a substantial income for your company. Our bulk SMS services offer a wide selection of packages at an affordable price. So, slowly your cost is no longer run out for ads costs.

  • Business Use Will Increase

Bulk SMS was born with several features that can provide closeness between business owners and customers. Business owners can inform the news updates about its business and customers can reply. In this case, SMS blast can serve as media marketing and customer services. Such an amazing solution, right? Moreover, Moobig SMS blast software has all the features.

  • Startup did, too

Many startup companies still use SMS blast as one method of marketing. While there are certainly other methods of mass communication, the text message is comfortable, versatile, and powerful.


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Bulk SMS – Marketing Strategy without Internet

In a marketing strategy that is exceedingly saturated, being cost-effective is almost imperative in succeeding with the customers. Being mindful of that fact we thrived to be the cheapest SMS gateway provider. Bulk SMS is a product of our initiative which promises to save some of that hard earned capital.

Bulk SMS in Malaysia is not a familiar concept but has immense potential. It works the same way all other markets, meaning buying more will significantly reduce the cost. This plan will not only save money but also time, which according to some is equivalent to money. So, basically you’re saving double.


Marketing Strategy with Bulk SMS will be a God sent


Bulk SMS Marketing Strategy

In case you ever had trouble relaying a message to a large group of people, Anytime, you can send a message to thousands of customers or employees based on your target groups and location.

The fact that Bulk SMS is cheaper than print or social media advertisement, should be enough for you to sway towards our services. With the hassle of registration, unwanted pop-up ads and requiring a smartphone social media advertisement also falls behind on convenience when compared to Bulk SMS.

Bulk SMS gives you all in one marketing package for your business. In Bulk SMS services, you can market products with the right target and affordable prices. Bulk SMS makes it easy for your customers. They can get promotion or latest news from your product without connecting to the internet. Your customers can still receive the ads through text messages even the customers are in an area with no internet coverage,

Bulk SMS Aggregators are also unbelievable incentives in connecting the seller with their customers and is highly effective in reaching out to millions of people simultaneously.

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Multitasking with Moobig as the Multi-Functional SMS System Provider

In today’s modern world, we have to multitask. Hence we at Moobig is also known as Multi-Functional SMS System Provider. This system is a two-way communication that sends out information to mobile phones by SMS.

As your Multi-Functional SMS System Provider, you could create an SMS site that allows customers and your employee to access the information without any hassle.

Of course you can send Bulk SMS to inform your customers about your products and services. However, as the Multi-Functional SMS Provider, we could help you to develop in terms of sales, inventory and marketing.

On the other hand, you may aware that Moobig as the Multi-Functional SMS System Provider, you can get your information timely by your fingertips.


What you get from Multi-Functional SMS System Provider:


Multi-Functional SMS System Provider

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  • Rapidity and Up-to-date
    When we talk about marketing. The important thing that you definitely want is the speed of information delivery and up to date. Bulk SMS can send to users in just seconds. So, all your latest promotions fresh delivered to customers in a short time.
  • Focus and To the point
    Marketing strategy should focus on the target that is really interested in the product. Multi-Functional SMS System Provider will focus on customers who are detected have relevancy with your products. So, the possibility to buy will be higher. SMS just contains 160 characters. It’s simple and on point. So, your customers wouldn’t get bored of long essays without points.
  • Save Money
    In the business world, getting a high profit with just a little expense of promotion is the desire of every businessperson. Especially for those of you who are just starting a business, advertise in newspapers or making a flyer is not economical. Promotion by SMS was created to provide solutions to all these problems. With only a small promotional cost, you can get many benefits.