“My SMS marketing didn’t work. Why?”

Most of small or start up business owner make tons of mistakes over and over again on sending SMS blast or SMS Marketing to their consumers while all they can think about is only the benefit of SMS blast package they subscribed to. Some even go big by subscribing to international SMS gateway, but still, they keep making mistake which will damage their connection with consumers and the prospects of the company, and it cost a lot of money! So to help you make a huge success, even by using cheapest SMS gateway provider, we have three simple but major mistake to avoid.

SMS Marketing

1)Bad timing

Timing is always a major and key element to a successful campaign in every media platform, including SMS. You need to know and do a research on when your target market consumer normally or more likely to look at their phone to ensure that your SMS marketing will catch their eye. Even though almost 80% people will read every text message, if you send your message in the bad timing, such as on overnight, there is a chance that they might read it late or even miss it. So do your research!

2)Generic content

Being too generic and didn’t make your message to the point is one of many reasons that people will not read your text message. General content will confuse consumer’s mind which will have a bad impact to your company. If you want to give a coupon or special offer, make sure to mention it in the first few sentences, or your reader will be gone-gone.

3)Overload message

Yes, sending message more than one time is nice, but receiving too many text messages in a week or a month? It can be a real pain and make consumers opt-out. So remember to check your SMS Marketing frequency.