SMS marketing – Essentials for small businesses

Having a small company means having low awareness and coverage in the media. Regardless what we do and what platform we use, success is not a thing that can occurs overnight. Most of small businesses instead of starting slow, they tend to invest in a bigger platform directly, setting aside all types of SMS blast packages and software with hope that it will help them growing faster.

And why are we saying that using SMS aggregators to advertise your company or brand is essentials? Because it can help in saving money, and even big companies still using SMS marketing in their campaign.

Small company usually has a financial constraint which makes they need to advertise on budget. So by using bulk SMS services you can advertise your brand freely without any need to think hard about financial constraint. over various bulk SMS packages starting as low as RM0.06

Other than that, SMS also has insane open rates of 98% compared to other advertising platform. Email has only 20% open rates even though it is free, so paying up RM0.06 is not that hurt with 98% open rates right?

SMS Blast Packages

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