What you can really do with your bulk SMS package

Despite of the cost-effectiveness and small amount of money you’ve paid to SMS aggregator, of course you still want to get maximal profit of the SMS blast package you subscribed to through any SMS blast provider in Malaysia. One major thing to ensure that you maximize the usage of it is to use it in many way to get positive feedbacks from your consumers. How?

SMS Blast Package

  1. News/ updates

You can send important and sensitive message to your consumers using SMS blast services, for example about new product, updates, or any events.

  1. Emergency notification

Because it is personal, SMS is one way of notifying every consumers during emergency. For example about the CIMB bank incident in Malaysia, where they lost the tapes of customer data and send alert messages to their customer.

  1. Promotion

When you send a text messages to highlight certain promotion and offers, there are high percentage of customer purchase, as there are 66% of people made a purchase after receiving marketing SMS.

  1. Customer service

Marketing SMS can also be used as a customer service as company can ask for feedbacks and other customer support matter through SMS where consumers can rely on problem resolution via SMS.

  1. Events

Most of your consumers tend to forget about any events and celebration as there are something more important they need to prioritize. So it is super wise if company use SMS blast package to update and also remind consumer about events and celebration.