SMS marketing – Why use middle-man, if you can send it directly?

Never fool yourself to pay thousands of bucks of TV commercial, and print advertisements because you have the cheapest option for marketing; SMS. You can simply subscribe to any cheapest SMS gateway. International brand? Fine, use international SMS gateway like Moobig which has 237 countries coverage.

While TV and prints ads need middle man like newspaper channel and TV company to past the information to your customer, you can use bulk SMS services to directly send your customers a buzz, either to promote your brand, improve awareness, or just simply reminder to ensure your relationship with your customers is good.

Instead of dealing with rules, regulations, and censorship when you are doing a TV or print media advertisements, you have the ability to personalize your SMS blast, or even personalize your bulk SMS one by one for each customers to make them feel more special.

By using bulk SMS services, you also don’t have to fight with spams and other advertisements as you customers will surely receive your SMS, with or without internet. The open rate of SMS is also insanely high with make everything even more worth it.

International SMS Gateway

Source: Google

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