Considering Bulk SMS As Your Marketing Plan? Here Is Some Interesting Statistic to Erase Your Doubt!

SMS blast software is definitely a must in your marketing plan, and yes it is 2018 now, and yes it is still a must. Although SMS is considered as an outdated way of communication by millennials, but without realizing it, the still bothered to look at every single of their personal SMS online. And other than that, instant deliverability also plays a big role and it is the most effective platform because it can reach every mobile phone, with or without internet connection. Still need more facts? Below is striking statistic that will make you put marketing SMS as a must in your marketing strategy list.

1. Smartphone ownership
5.1bil of people worldwide own a phone, which make them reachable, compared to the toothbrush ownership which is only 4.2bil. Technology is more important, dear.

2. Response time
How long I takes for you to scroll through your timeline and notice advertisements? Well it only takes 90minutes to open it.

3. Open rates
SMS is a spam free platform which makes it deliver instantly to your consumers, and 98% of text messages are opened and only 20% of email are opened.

4. SMS loyalty programs
Over than half of consumers are happy to take part in SMS loyalty programs. Why? They want special offers and be the first to know about it of course!

5. Less is more
83% of people only want to receive maximum two messages a month so it won’t annoy them. And you will save your cost. With Moobig bulk SMS services, it start as low as RM0.06 per message which means you will only spend RM0.12 per month to reach one consumers.