Marketing SMS: Safe Way to Market Your Product

Marketing SMS has been named as the most beneficial but safe way to market your product. In the other words, you can simply subscribe for various type of SMS blast package and get tons of positive reaction (sales, awareness, demands) but you don’t have to worry about anything else. Moreover, if you are using international SMS aggregators like , you can even spread your wings wider with its coverage of 237 countries.

It is cheap it is direct, it has over 90% open rates, and over 5billions people have phone. And with or without internet, your SMS blast will still reach them. Yes that is the power of SMS marketing, and even more to realize if you put this as a plan for your marketing strategy.

It is also spam-free so you don’t have to worry that your SMS marketing won’t be read by your consumers.

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Considering Bulk SMS As Your Marketing Plan? Here Is Some Interesting Statistic to Erase Your Doubt!

SMS blast software is definitely a must in your marketing plan, and yes it is 2018 now, and yes it is still a must. Although SMS is considered as an outdated way of communication by millennials, but without realizing it, the still bothered to look at every single of their personal SMS online. And other than that, instant deliverability also plays a big role and it is the most effective platform because it can reach every mobile phone, with or without internet connection. Still need more facts? Below is striking statistic that will make you put marketing SMS as a must in your marketing strategy list.

1. Smartphone ownership
5.1bil of people worldwide own a phone, which make them reachable, compared to the toothbrush ownership which is only 4.2bil. Technology is more important, dear.

2. Response time
How long I takes for you to scroll through your timeline and notice advertisements? Well it only takes 90minutes to open it.

3. Open rates
SMS is a spam free platform which makes it deliver instantly to your consumers, and 98% of text messages are opened and only 20% of email are opened.

4. SMS loyalty programs
Over than half of consumers are happy to take part in SMS loyalty programs. Why? They want special offers and be the first to know about it of course!

5. Less is more
83% of people only want to receive maximum two messages a month so it won’t annoy them. And you will save your cost. With Moobig bulk SMS services, it start as low as RM0.06 per message which means you will only spend RM0.12 per month to reach one consumers.

Can Malaysian company connect to the world? Use Moobig!

Moobig is one of the cheapest SMS gateway provider which offers many SMS blast package which can enhance your volume of consumers if you subscribe to any SMS blast package.

With the coverage of 237 countries, just think what Moobig can do to your company. It provides connectivity to other countries. If your company has international customers, then the services provided by Moobig would be a good help to reach them.

The effectiveness of SMS can’t be denied by people from all ages because SMS marketing provide a direct and instant deliverability to your consumers even though they are in other country, without internet access or even 4G or 3G network.

By subscribing to Moobig, the best international SMS gateway which started as low as RM0.06/SMS spread the wings of your company and fly your brand off!

Bulk SMS, Building Relationship and Gaining Trust

Having a good relationship and trust with your customers are one of the most important thing to ensure. To make that happened, there are so many ways to do with trust and good relationship in return. So in, we offer you the cheapest and most direct tool to build relationship and gain trust from your customer.

Almost any other communication tool can be used to build CRM, but the most powerful, direct and cheapest way to do it is by using the bulk SMS services. In Moobig, we offer various SMS blast packages which can be used to blast SMS directly to your consumers either they have or didn’t have any internet connection.

How can SMS build customer relationship and gain their trust?  By using SMS, your customer will read all your message either it is a reminder, seasonal offer, campaign purposes, or others. It has 98% open rates! SMS also could achieve 45% response rate compared to any other platform.

Other than that, SMS that you send feels more personal as they reach them directly or you can also personalize your message for each of your customers which will make them feel so special. So try and subscribe to SMS aggregators like Moobig.

When you let your customers know about any sales, promotion or just any information regarding your product, you are indirectly building your customer relationship slowly. And when you do this regularly, you will gain trust and good relationship from your customer.

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Bulk SMS: What Is It and Why We Should Use It

Bulk SMS is a service which allow you to send an SMS blast broadcast directly through SMS to people’s phone without using internet data. Many SMS aggregators provide various SMS blast packages with various prices to meet your needs. Bulk SMS is often use as a part of marketing plan to build a quality relationship with customers. If you got everything right, this is the best tool for you to reach your customer, either for reminder, marketing, alerts, promotional discounts, newly launch. It gives you coverage, instant deliverability, with or without internet. Some of the international SMS gateway like Moobig also has over 200 countries coverages.

SMS blast is basically a broadcast message through text message, so we can use it according to our own purposes. One of the reason why we should use it is because of the large amount of phone users. Because of its independent feature towards internet connection, SMS can reach every phone without having problem being ‘not received’ because of the internet network.

Other than that, SMS also has insane open rates of 98%, compared to email which only has 20% open rate despite of considered to be one of the most efficient ways to reach consumers. But with all the spams, people become lazy to open and read emails.

It also can increase your sales, awareness and revenue as it empowers your customers to take action after receiving any offer or information about your brand. If it’s used as a form of reminder, it would do good for your brand as sometime, customers do not need to buy your product every day, but by reminding them you make them keep associating your brand with your customers’ need.

The best part? Bulk SMS service is very cheap. In fact, if you subscribe to the cheapest SMS gateway provider like Moobig, which start as low as RM0.06/SMS it would be great! With all the features of SMS, you only need to pay a small amount of money. What are you waiting for

Make A Mark On Your Customers and The Environment!

Using our personal SMS online, you are no able to send messages to thousands of people from your user list. You will be able to modify and edit your content and send it almost instantaneously. Our SMS Gateway Europe and SMS Gateway Malaysia ensure that the world is your oyster, and if you are worried about messages going to SPAM or trash folders, fear no more!- as SMS has no concept of SPAM.

Indeed, our services are cost effective and faster than the competition, cementing our place as one of the best international SMS Gateway. Our platform will allow for you to send messages through a whole host of mediums, including your PC and smartphone. With global warming becoming an ever increasing concern, the value of a paperless business should also not be underestimated.

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Get an upper hand over your competition.

Bulk SMS refers to being able to send a colossal amount of messages to different recipients at the same time using an SMS gateway. We also allow for your messages to be personalized based on your own preferences.

Another way to put it would be to use the SMS Blast package to send out thousands of messages simultaneously while using our SMS gateway for technical background.

To connect the SMS gateway to your mobile network, there are two options you could take, the GSM modem connectivity or use Bulk SMS to relay your message to thousands of people at once. Since the GSM modem is not able to handle bulk messages (being limited to 6-10 messages per minute) our Bulk SMS is the perfect fit for your company.

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Your Satisfaction is Our Dime

At Moobig, we like to ensure that our customers get the best possible service for their dime, and being one of the cheapest SMS gateways is one way of showing our commitment to our clientele.

From a public relations perspective, our SMS blast software allows a two way stream of messaging that allows for companies to promote their products and/or services through SMS messages. This means that your customers will be able to reply to the messages, giving an almost unparallel connection with your customers, allowing you to see the shortcomings of your product through the eyes of the buyer.

Add in our international SMS aggregators and you have a recipe for success, as our SMS aggregators will allow you to follow up on customers with any piece of information you might want them to have. It’s a sure way of generating revenue and growing your industry.

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Is it real that people don’t read text message anymore?

Almost all companies worldwide use online websites, and so many social networking sites with high percentage of consumption for advertising. But is it real that people don’t read text messages anymore?

Text Messages

While most of us think it is outdated, there are actually many benefits you can get from using bulk SMS services. The major benefit of using text messages as your marketing strategy is it is direct. While social platform like Facebook and YouTube only show you the advertisement because you accidentally saw it in your timeline, SMS is directly sent to your customers. There are a lot lesser chance that customers will ignore a text message. According to Adobe Digital Marketing Blog (2015), 97% of all marketing SMS are opened and only 20-30% e-mail are opened.

Text messages also have less words than email, which is a good thing for marketing. Less words means more attention, straight to the point, as it is directly stating what you want to convey to them.

Other than that it is more cost effective than any other media as we can see the statistic of marketing SMS opened. So you can save money and do less work with SMS aggregator while you have to do more works when you advertise on other platform as you have to design the graphic and motion for it.

Moobig are the cheapest SMS gateway provider. There are different type of bulk SMS packages starting from RM0.06.

We offer a wide selection of packages with affordable prices to meet your promotional needs. Surely, It gives a big advantage for your business. Simply, we give you affordable price and good result. So, you will no longer have high marketing costs. Bulk SMS marketing is a simple strategy and to the point, which is very good for promotion.

So what’s to doubt about using SMS for marketing strategy?

“My SMS marketing didn’t work. Why?”

Most of small or start up business owner make tons of mistakes over and over again on sending SMS blast or SMS Marketing to their consumers while all they can think about is only the benefit of SMS blast package they subscribed to. Some even go big by subscribing to international SMS gateway, but still, they keep making mistake which will damage their connection with consumers and the prospects of the company, and it cost a lot of money! So to help you make a huge success, even by using cheapest SMS gateway provider, we have three simple but major mistake to avoid.

SMS Marketing

1)Bad timing

Timing is always a major and key element to a successful campaign in every media platform, including SMS. You need to know and do a research on when your target market consumer normally or more likely to look at their phone to ensure that your SMS marketing will catch their eye. Even though almost 80% people will read every text message, if you send your message in the bad timing, such as on overnight, there is a chance that they might read it late or even miss it. So do your research!

2)Generic content

Being too generic and didn’t make your message to the point is one of many reasons that people will not read your text message. General content will confuse consumer’s mind which will have a bad impact to your company. If you want to give a coupon or special offer, make sure to mention it in the first few sentences, or your reader will be gone-gone.

3)Overload message

Yes, sending message more than one time is nice, but receiving too many text messages in a week or a month? It can be a real pain and make consumers opt-out. So remember to check your SMS Marketing frequency.