Array and Powerful Automated SMS Engagement Tools

MOOBIG offers range and powerful automated SMS rendezvous tools called Two-Ways SMS Malaysia marketing that designed to send and received reply from customers’ mobile phones via SMS and Emails. Suitable for SMS Marketing, the Two-Ways SMS Malaysia marketing is yet has becoming the most effective form of marketing as it is capable to send thousands of SMS at a time.

It personalises and targets messaging yields more in responses than the text blasting that helps you to build and always improves your brand image. The MOOBIG’s Two-Way SMS Malaysia marketing serves from short code, mass texting to two-way landline texting that is efficient and complete for your brand image. Thus, the Two-Way SMS Malaysia marketing has become popular as it is an easy one to one marketing tool.

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No Hassle, yet It Works!

With this helpful Bulk SMS Marketing Tools, it allows you to measure the result and scope of advertising besides having consumer in a way that makes them look forward to more offers awaits from you.

Send SMS to anyone in Malaysia for Free by Free Bulk SMS to Malaysia. Send Bulk Text Messages from Internet to SMS Gateway Malaysia. Send anonymous SMS or mass SMS messages from Website with Web Application. Send SMS Free messages to mobile phone in Malaysia. Send SMS Text from PC to cell phone or mobile in Malaysia.

The Malaysia Free SMS requires unlimited SMS Malaysia and it works! It lets you send free text message over 150 countries not only in Malaysia but worldwide. No registration required, simply enter the mobile number that you want to text, the destination code and your message and it’s done!

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Convenient for Any Brand Promotion

Have you ever heard about Bulk SMS? Bulk SMS can be considered as one of the advertising or publicity tool. It’s good as to promote your companies’ brand because you can send up to 1000 of Bulk SMS in one day with just a single click.

The SMS messages delivered by using only the internet or any PC, laptop or cell phones. This SMS marketing tool is very easy to use, cost efficiency, save your time and fast delivering messages to the receivers.

People and mobile phones seem could not be separated in nowadays, so that’s why by using this SMS Blast Software tool, the messages is confirm to be received by customers, they will read before erasure within 24 hours.

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What really is the benefit for using marketing SMS?

Marketing SMS has been considered as the last option by millennials. But what they don’t know are there are tons of benefits of using marketing SMS as your advertising platform. Other than known as fast, effective and direct, there are three killer benefits of marketing SMS that you need to know.

1. It is reliable.
Without even need to fight and compete with any spams and filters, SMS become one of the most reliable platform to do a campaign. This means by doing SMS campaigns, you can be certain that 100% of your subscriber in the list will receive your message.

2. Solid open rate
The other thing you don’t know, SMS has killer open rate of 97% according to Adobe Digital Marketing Blog (2015). Another killer stat of SMS? 75% people like offers to be sent via text messages. 66% of the subscriber of mobile marketing have made a purchase because of receiving marketing text messages.

3. Go green, Go SMS
Marketing SMS also will help us to advertise, without costing our earth. Not like print ads, Out-Of-Home ads, and other advertisement which require us to ‘print’, SMS is online which require no printing which means, Go Green!

Other than that, there is a lot more benefits of using SMS for marketing.
Don’t miss out any bulk SMS package in Malaysia from, the best international SMS gateway started from RM0.06 with coverage of 237 countries.

What marketing SMS really cost you

Despite being one of the most outdated communication channel, SMS actually can be one of the most successful marketing channel. Marketing SMS normally done by the SMS aggregators such as which provide various type or SMS blast package starting from RM0.06 per message with coverage of 237 countries as an international SMS aggregator. But what really make marketing SMS really outstanding is, it is effective and has 98% open rates which is insane.

1. Time saving marketing channel
Unlike any other marketing channel which need proper graphic designer, professionals, script-writers or even editor, SMS is an simple way to conduct a marketing for your brand and/or product without spending too much time on it. In fact, the most successful marketing SMS has less than 160 character in length to convey the message to your consumers.

2. Monetary cost effectiveness
Marketing SMS has been tried and tested. According to Frost and Sullivan (2011) read rate statistic, SMS is the winner with 98%, while email is at 22&, Twitter at 29%, and Facebook at 12%. So that means almost all of your subscriber will read your message which only cost you as low as RM0.06 per message when you subscribe to Moobig SMS blast packages.

What can we use our Bulk SMS for

People may think that SMS marketing is the old and outdated way to reach our customers. With the existence of internet and social media make everyone shifting their consumption from traditional media like SMS and newspaper to digital media like online newspaper and social media. But let’s think, not all of our consumers use internet and social media. Some of the older age group still read newspaper and use SMS as their communication tools. So the more universal way to reach them is through SMS. With or without internet, your recipients will always be able to receive your message.
But many of the bulk SMS package subscriber also have a ‘block’ which make them sometimes didn’t know what they can use their SMS blast package for. So to remind you, this is what you can use your SMS blast for:

1. Advertising
The most common way is of course to advertise our brand. Either just as an advertising matter or seasonal discount, this tactic can empower your customers to take action and purchase your products.

2. Reminders
Once in a while we need to remind customers about our brand. Our product might not be the fast moving consumer product like a smartphone, and there is no way customers will buy smartphone every day. So yea, reminded is a need.

3. Safety check
We can use SMS to do a safety check like a password confirmation and other safety check if there is an unknown login.

4. Newly launch product
If you have a new product launching who you want to know it first? Of course the subscriber of your SMS newsletter!

5. Part of a campaign
SMS blast service can be used for engaging customers to take part in your current campaign. Send a reminder of certain event and campaign so that your customers can keep track of the event/campaign.

The Prime Time

Just like any other media, SMS also need to be send on the right time when your consumers will surely open it, and read it. But actually, there are never any golden rule about the prime time of sending SMS. It always depend on your market segmentation of your target market, your current campaign and other factor that influence it, so make sure you always send it in the right time. But when?
Not on the rush hour. People are doing something else on rush hour. They are driving, walking, getting ready to go home/ work. So texting on rush hour is always a no-no. But that doesn’t mean you can send your message early in 4am or late on 12am. No one will read it and all your money you’ve paid for the SMS blast package will just be gone like that.
If you’re subscribing to which is an international SMS aggregators with 237 countries coverage, never forget about local time zone. It will all go to waste if you send a marketing SMS to US on 2:00pm Malaysian time zone, but it is actually 1:00am in US.
If you want to steal customers on a seasonal holiday, just make sure avoid rush hours, keep local time zone in mind, never ever forget about your target market segmentation, and keep your message relevant with the current seasonal holiday. And with that we guarantee your money for the SMS blast software that you pay will not go to waste.

Supporting the earth? Go Green with SMS marketing

Most of the advertising normally requires printing, a lot of electricity, manpower and resources. We often forgot that all this will have a bad impact on our earth, and affecting every single factor of our life.

SMS marketing is one of the cheapest marketing solution as SMS blast package in Moobig start from RM0.06 for each SMS. It also has insanely high open rates compare to other advertisement platform. But despite of being the most effective and cheap, there are other reason why you should use subscribe to SMS Aggregators rather than other advertising platform. You can even save the world!

By using bulk SMS services, you and your company is helping earth to live a little longer. Marketing SMS didn’t require ink and paper. It also doesn’t need much manpower, let alone electricity. What you should do is just arranging less than 160 characters which can be done in one page of paper, or even in your electronic devices.

In conclusion, using SMS blast software is an eco-friendly way to advertise and promote, and despite of its cheapness and eco-friendliness, you can still earn a lot of bucks as it is really really effective.

SMS marketing – Why use middle-man, if you can send it directly?

Never fool yourself to pay thousands of bucks of TV commercial, and print advertisements because you have the cheapest option for marketing; SMS. You can simply subscribe to any cheapest SMS gateway. International brand? Fine, use international SMS gateway like Moobig which has 237 countries coverage.

While TV and prints ads need middle man like newspaper channel and TV company to past the information to your customer, you can use bulk SMS services to directly send your customers a buzz, either to promote your brand, improve awareness, or just simply reminder to ensure your relationship with your customers is good.

Instead of dealing with rules, regulations, and censorship when you are doing a TV or print media advertisements, you have the ability to personalize your SMS blast, or even personalize your bulk SMS one by one for each customers to make them feel more special.

By using bulk SMS services, you also don’t have to fight with spams and other advertisements as you customers will surely receive your SMS, with or without internet. The open rate of SMS is also insanely high with make everything even more worth it.

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SMS marketing – Essentials for small businesses

Having a small company means having low awareness and coverage in the media. Regardless what we do and what platform we use, success is not a thing that can occurs overnight. Most of small businesses instead of starting slow, they tend to invest in a bigger platform directly, setting aside all types of SMS blast packages and software with hope that it will help them growing faster.

And why are we saying that using SMS aggregators to advertise your company or brand is essentials? Because it can help in saving money, and even big companies still using SMS marketing in their campaign.

Small company usually has a financial constraint which makes they need to advertise on budget. So by using bulk SMS services you can advertise your brand freely without any need to think hard about financial constraint. over various bulk SMS packages starting as low as RM0.06

Other than that, SMS also has insane open rates of 98% compared to other advertising platform. Email has only 20% open rates even though it is free, so paying up RM0.06 is not that hurt with 98% open rates right?

SMS Blast Packages

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