What you can really do with your bulk SMS package

Despite of the cost-effectiveness and small amount of money you’ve paid to SMS aggregator, of course you still want to get maximal profit of the SMS blast package you subscribed to through any SMS blast provider in Malaysia. One major thing to ensure that you maximize the usage of it is to use it in many way to get positive feedbacks from your consumers. How?

SMS Blast Package

  1. News/ updates

You can send important and sensitive message to your consumers using SMS blast services, for example about new product, updates, or any events.

  1. Emergency notification

Because it is personal, SMS is one way of notifying every consumers during emergency. For example about the CIMB bank incident in Malaysia, where they lost the tapes of customer data and send alert messages to their customer.

  1. Promotion

When you send a text messages to highlight certain promotion and offers, there are high percentage of customer purchase, as there are 66% of people made a purchase after receiving marketing SMS.

  1. Customer service

Marketing SMS can also be used as a customer service as company can ask for feedbacks and other customer support matter through SMS where consumers can rely on problem resolution via SMS.

  1. Events

Most of your consumers tend to forget about any events and celebration as there are something more important they need to prioritize. So it is super wise if company use SMS blast package to update and also remind consumer about events and celebration.

Get with the times; Get Bulk SMS

At Moobig.com, we use Bulk SMS Aggregators to facilitate the communication of buyers and sellers. It is one of the greatest tools to promote a company in a large audience, as the reach can go as much as millions of people.

Use our Bulk SMS Services that are available anytime of the day, with the messages being sent directly to your customers without any delay or filter blocking the message.

If you are truly looking to move your company forward, we urge you consider Moobig, and soon you will realize why we call ourselves the cheapest SMS gateway provider

Bulk SMS Aggregators

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The Appeal of SMS Marketing

Use our SMS blast software to send a single message to a large group of people simultaneously. This service has often been used in the retail industry, and considering a handful of people own a smart phone without access to internet, the appeal of SMS marketing makes perfect sense.

For small businesses, the SMS blast package is quite beneficial, as it will not only decrease marketing costs, but will most likely increase the total profit for the company.

Additionally, using our international SMS aggregators, you will be able to inform your customers about any news you may have, regardless of their location.

SMS blast software

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Customize for your customers

We at Moobig use unlimited SMS gateway in order to help companies promote their business in the most cost effective, efficient way possible. You can inform your customers about absolutely any promotions, sales or event that might be going on or coming up. This is a great way of both generating and serving loyalty.

Our SMS Gateway development will allow your company to customize a text message and send it to a target audience. This allows more impact in different parts of the region and gives your promotion a personal touch that will help you rise above the competition.

Our services can be seen as a personal SMS online that allows you to communicate with your customers.

SMS Gateway

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Bring the Global Village into your pocket

Ever since the world became a global village, companies have made their marketing international. Using social media, blogs or emails everyone is able to see a company’s vision and thus everyone is a potential customer.

As the internet evolved, however, advertisement costs kept on increasing to a point where they can be detrimental to the company’s progress. This is where SMS marketing becomes so relevant. Having a near global reach thanks to SMS gateway Europe and International SMS Aggregators, not to mention perhaps the cheapest rates in advertisement make SMS marketing an obvious choice.

With Moobig’s SMS aggregators you can send and receive from your customers through your cell phone. This tool will allow you to send mass texts or short codes on a two way line, providing your company with a free public service tool.

Marketing International

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Bulk up your profits, using BULK SMS

Mobile phone usage is rocketing at an exponential rate; that is a fact. What business’ need to do is take charge of the medium, and treat it like grounds for near limitless marketing? Thanks to our SMS gateway development, using mobile phones as a tool for marketing is as simple as one click- that’s right; one click will allow you to send messages to thousands of people with almost no downtime, so-called Bulk SMS.

The concept of bulk has been popular in most fields, as it allows customers to buy items in bulk, with the cost getting lowered the more you buy. Moobig has implemented this idea into the SMS service, providing you with Bulk SMS (the concept is the same- the more you buy, the more you save). We will provide you with rates that will ensure you see only profits from your investments, and the reach of our service is literally global, so with one simple click, you can send messages to thousands of people all over the globe.

Our Bulk SMS Aggregators will provide you with valuable information through your cell phone or laptop.

Bulk SMS

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Choose The Best and Let Us Handle The Rest

In an overly saturated market, competition is natural. It is then the customer’s job to decide which service is best suited to them, and naturally they will favor the cheapest SMS gateway provider. This is the reason we at moobig.com implore you to consider our services, as it will be abundantly clear that moobig.com is not just cost-effective, but also one of the best international SMS gateway provider.

One of our most trusted feature is the SMS blast software. Not only do you get virtually real time speeds, but our service will allow you to send over a thousand messages with one simple click- yes it is as easy as that. The price is also quite generous, with a few cents per SMS. Rest assured that your messages will be read by the customers, as there is no way to filter or block SMS messages.

SMS Gateway Provider

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Take your Marketing Global!

At Moobig, we have obliterated the concept of boundaries and allow you to relay your information throughout the world. That means that your voice can be heard by anyone who owns a mobile phone (and that is virtually everyone). Using our SMS Gateway Europe and SMS gateway Malaysia, your messages can be seen anywhere you want, giving you an edge in marketing.

The fact that SMS marketing is inherently cheaper and likely to fall on more eyes is an added benefit that cannot go unnoticed. Be creative with your messages using Personal SMS online, and use the given 169 characters to bedazzle your customers with products and services. Since it is a two-way messaging system, you can also hear exactly what your customers need to say.

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Moobig helps you Blast off your business.

Moobig’s SMS Blast software is one of those little gems that gives us an edge over the competition and puts us in the league with the Best International SMS Gateway Providers.

Use our SMS Blast package to promote your products or services. The software allows you to send multiple messages to users with the added benefit of receiving replies from your customers. This gives an unparalleled marketing strategy as you can truly understand the needs of your audience.

Another added benefit of SMS blast is that the messages are sent almost instantaneously with high delivery speeds and minimal chances of messages not being delivered

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Buy Big with Moobig.

One of the best marketing tools you have probably never heard of is Bulk SMS. The recent trend of going digital has spawned a number of mediums for getting your message across, but probably one of the most effective catalyst for company growth is SMS Marketing. At Moobig we consider ourselves one of the cheapest SMS gateway providers and implore you to consider our services.

Bulk SMS allows you to send numerous messages to thousands of users with a single click, and it works the same way as bulk does with other services; I.E the more you buy the cheaper it gets. Our Bulk SMS Aggregators will help get your message across with virtually no filters. The fact that SMS messages are only 169 characters long also means that viewers will not lost interest easily.