Produce High Level of Sales

Bulk SMS is effective because it can immediate and direct reaches to the consumers on their mobile phone. It is extremely affordable if compared it to traditional advertising channel. SMS blast software is used by marketers to run a wide range of marketing for customers.

Service companies, retails outlets, financial institution and hospitality industry also using unlimited sms gateway to great effect to increase awareness around their brand or offer that they provide to their customers.

Highly targeted form of marketing with using easy bulk SMS, the company can target their product or service to certain customers to build lists that could produce high level of sales or conversion for any future outbound marketing product, this also allow for higher redemption rates and also for sales or marketing department.

If we compare to email, SMS bulk also can excellent open rates and click through rates with 96% of SMS message being read and 62% of value added SMS messages being remembered. Besides being the cheapest sms gateway provider, This Bulk SMS service by is extremely effective and can produce redemption rates of 70%.


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Follow Up At Anytime

Bulk SMS allows users to use SMS Blast Software where it helps the companies to promote their products or services by sending the messages to the customers. The messages will be sending to the customers and also it allows the receivers to reply the messages with personal sms online

On top of that, it allows the company make a follow up with them for any new updates. With these advantages, it can increase the company’s revenue. SMS Gateway Development also provides a high quality with a lower cost of Bulk SMS delivery services.

Bulk SMS solution also one of the safest SMS infrastructures that is secured by the trusted data centre and it also can help communities in any country by enhance their customers’ satisfaction and increase sales.

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Save Money to Make Money

An SMS aggregator helps connect mobile phone users by offering a gateway to send and receive messages. Our international SMS aggregators help sellers to send reminders, notifications or promotions to their clients, and all this can be achieved within a few seconds. Our service covers over 6 billion mobile phones within 200 countries, making our service’s reach nearly unmatched.

SMS aggregators start at a price of less than 10 cents per SMS, with options such as bulk SMS, SMS alerts, SMS competitions, SMS dating and SMS voting. With the cost of paper and ink also redundant, it makes our service much cheaper. And the fact that there is no such thing as spam in SMS goes a long way in promoting your product

Personal SMS online is a feature allowing you to send limitless SMS messages to numerous recipients at the same time. This allows to the sending of a message to a large group of people or sending personalized SMS messages to individuals. The choice is yours, and of course the technical background will be provided to you thanks to the unlimited SMS gateway, going a long way in SMS Gateway Development.

The Personal SMS online is almost like a software that doesn’t need any sort of programming.

SMS Blast Helps You Blast Off Your Business

When the market is heavily reliant on advertisements to succeed, marketing budgets can go through the roof. The business market falls into this category, that’s why client’s value will most likely prioritize the Cheapest SMS gateway or SMS blast provider when thinking of their marketing needs.

Keeping this in mind, we at Moobig have created the SMS blast software. This software will go the extra mile in connecting the business with its clients as your customers will be able to reply to your messages, giving you nearly unmatched PR. The fact that we also prioritize our delivery speed is a perk that shouldn’t to unnoticed.

Our SMS blast package allows you to send thousands of messages to an audience from your list. The package allows you to customize the text messages, and send them instantaneously. You may use this to inform your customers about new releases or any upcoming sales.

SMS Blast

By providing up-to-date info about your product, customers will consider purchasing it after bringing your promotion through SMS blast. This will certainly increase your sales targets and provide benefits to the company.
We have talked a lot about SMS marketing, SMS blast, SMS gateway, you need to know there are some fun facts about SMS:

1. The first SMS sent simply said “Merry Christmas”. It was sent by British engineer, Neil Papworth on 3rd December 1992 from a computer to a mobile phone.
2. SMS has a 98% read rate. 90% of texts are also read within 3 seconds of being received. That’s better than the read and open rate of emails, and click-through rate of Facebook ads.
3. On average, people respond to texts in under 90 seconds; for emails, 90 minutes.
4. The original Nokia phone beep is Morse code for “SMS”.
5. Mobile phone coupons have 10 times the redemption rate of their paper counterparts.

SMS very helps drive business and sales, while also build customer relationships. Let’s start your SMS campaign by visiting Moobig!


Buy More Save More Thanks To Bulk SMS

As one of bulk SMS services provider, Moobig offers many selections of affordable packages for your business. You can choose it according to your business needs.

Ever wondered why we consider ourselves the Best International SMS Gateway? The answer is indeed obvious, but we will still explain why.

Bulk SMS Services

One of our defining features is Bulk SMS. The concept of Bulk SMS in Malaysia works like any wholesale store: Buy more; save more. Bulk SMS is certainly not a new idea, however, we thrive on perfecting it. As a user, Bulk SMS will allow you to send the same message to thousands of people. With our wide reach of over 200 countries and over 5 billion mobile phones, borders are an arbitrary concept that we try to ignore.

Our Bulk SMS aggregator service is another step forward in conceptualizing our vision. It was primarily created to help connect sellers and customers. If you are looking to reach out to millions of people simultaneously, our Bulk SMS aggregator service is an absolute God sent.

With this facility, of course, you can get special price. Promotion with Bulk SMS has its own features compared to promos through other media. How did it happen? Because SMS Marketing will provide good and quick feedback on your business. The benefits you get will be double or maybe triple compared to the cost you pay for the bulk SMS services. That is what we called Buy more, Save more!

Our Bulk SMS services are available daily; anytime, any day with virtually no delay. This is the convenience we offer you. So wherever you are or wherever your target market is, everything will be so easy.

Our advice for companies that plan on expanding their business, is to avail our unparalleled Bulk SMS services to secure a major segment of the market.

Personalize your SMS

SMS Gateway

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Thanks to, you may send an SMS gateway to potentially thousands of people in a single user list. The users can always customize their messages to their own liking and send it. The SMS gateway development will make sure the messages don’t end up in SPAM and can bypass most filters.

Our SMS aggregator has countless benefits, and is available at less than 10 cents per SMS. We also have diverse options such as SMS alerts, Bulk SMS, SMS competition, SMS voting, SMS dating and SMS marketing.

Another exciting feature we offer is International SMS aggregators. This feature allows users to send and receive mail from customers through cell phones. Meaning it allows for users to send texts on a two way landline.

With Moobig’s Bulk SMS service, our users have the perk of sending SMS to their customers regardless of their geographical location, considering we have outreach in over 200 countries and 5 billion mobile phones.

SMS functionality is rooted and can’t be separated from our social life. Although technology like MMS, Blackberry Messenger, WhatsApp, chat or video call is growing and booming. SMS has own advantages, it’s simple and easy to apply. Let’s think again, all phones have SMS feature, regardless of whether the phone supports 3G, touch screen, dual SIM card, or just 1-line cell phone like a calculator. SMS can still be sent even if the recipient’s phone is not active within a certain time limit.

Submission of SMS is also usually faster when compared to we send via messenger. It does not depend on the GPRS signals. The current cost is also relatively cheap also become one of the reasons why SMS is widely used on this earth.

SMS Gateway connects between computers with clients via SMS. Client indirectly interacts with applications or systems via SMS Gateway. Moobig provides easy and simple SMS gateway services with affordable price.

SMS Blast Software – Have a Blast!

When talking about SMS tools, MOOBIG takes great pride in bringing you the SMS blast software. An SMS blast is a text message that is mass produced and sent to numerous phones. It is most likely the most effective way of communicating a message to a large number of mobile users. And that’s not even the best part. Our SMS blast software has absolutely no limit, so restraining SMS flow is no longer an option!

With this feature, you do not need to limit your business promo in a certain amount. Everything is unlimited!


SMS Blast Software


We are also not afraid to call ourselves the best international SMS gateway. As our services allow companies to send text messages to over 200 countries. This means that wherever your target market is located, Moobig can facilitate your product ads well-served.

With marketing and promotion cost through the roof (the cost for a TV station advertisement will run in the hundreds of thousands of dollars) there is no certainty in the target audience will actually view the product up for promotion. For this purpose we have implemented the unlimited SMS gateway which will effectively alert all the recipients of the message.

As a fact that 98% of text messages are read compared to 29% of tweets and 12% of Facebook posts, SMS blast is naturally read by mobile users than social media ads. So, giving a little budget for promotion through text message is the right choice. You can achieve your sales targets with decrease the marketing cost.

Another risk present in online marketing, as opposed to SMS marketing is that a promotional email, might go straight to the spam folder, without the viewer ever knowing about the email. However, with our SMS blast package, that risk becomes redundant as SMS’ can’t be sent to the spam folder.

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Bulk SMS – Marketing Strategy without Internet

In a marketing strategy that is exceedingly saturated, being cost-effective is almost imperative in succeeding with the customers. Being mindful of that fact we thrived to be the cheapest SMS gateway provider. Bulk SMS is a product of our initiative which promises to save some of that hard earned capital.

Bulk SMS in Malaysia is not a familiar concept but has immense potential. It works the same way all other markets, meaning buying more will significantly reduce the cost. This plan will not only save money but also time, which according to some is equivalent to money. So, basically you’re saving double.


Marketing Strategy with Bulk SMS will be a God sent


Bulk SMS Marketing Strategy

In case you ever had trouble relaying a message to a large group of people, Anytime, you can send a message to thousands of customers or employees based on your target groups and location.

The fact that Bulk SMS is cheaper than print or social media advertisement, should be enough for you to sway towards our services. With the hassle of registration, unwanted pop-up ads and requiring a smartphone social media advertisement also falls behind on convenience when compared to Bulk SMS.

Bulk SMS gives you all in one marketing package for your business. In Bulk SMS services, you can market products with the right target and affordable prices. Bulk SMS makes it easy for your customers. They can get promotion or latest news from your product without connecting to the internet. Your customers can still receive the ads through text messages even the customers are in an area with no internet coverage,

Bulk SMS Aggregators are also unbelievable incentives in connecting the seller with their customers and is highly effective in reaching out to millions of people simultaneously.

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Multitasking with Moobig as the Multi-Functional SMS System Provider

In today’s modern world, we have to multitask. Hence we at Moobig is also known as Multi-Functional SMS System Provider. This system is a two-way communication that sends out information to mobile phones by SMS.

As your Multi-Functional SMS System Provider, you could create an SMS site that allows customers and your employee to access the information without any hassle.

Of course you can send Bulk SMS to inform your customers about your products and services. However, as the Multi-Functional SMS Provider, we could help you to develop in terms of sales, inventory and marketing.

On the other hand, you may aware that Moobig as the Multi-Functional SMS System Provider, you can get your information timely by your fingertips.


What you get from Multi-Functional SMS System Provider:


Multi-Functional SMS System Provider

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  • Rapidity and Up-to-date
    When we talk about marketing. The important thing that you definitely want is the speed of information delivery and up to date. Bulk SMS can send to users in just seconds. So, all your latest promotions fresh delivered to customers in a short time.
  • Focus and To the point
    Marketing strategy should focus on the target that is really interested in the product. Multi-Functional SMS System Provider will focus on customers who are detected have relevancy with your products. So, the possibility to buy will be higher. SMS just contains 160 characters. It’s simple and on point. So, your customers wouldn’t get bored of long essays without points.
  • Save Money
    In the business world, getting a high profit with just a little expense of promotion is the desire of every businessperson. Especially for those of you who are just starting a business, advertise in newspapers or making a flyer is not economical. Promotion by SMS was created to provide solutions to all these problems. With only a small promotional cost, you can get many benefits.

No Spam Issues With Web SMS Marketing and Grow Your Business With Bulk SMS

One of the services that Moobig offers is Web SMS Marketing where we send SMS to many organizations at the same time. If you concern about spam issues, fret not because mobile operators have set special guidelines to prevent it.

To boot, Web SMS Marketing by Moobig is safe and have great impact in the marketing scopes in Malaysia by creating good relationship with customers.

Another service that we have is Online SMS Solution, a web-based bulk SMS tool that require no programming, doesn’t require any necessary downloads. Plus, you can register an account without any hassle and sign in to send your Bulk SMS to your customers and prospects.

You can’t deny that SMS has an important function and always used every day. Below is the fact that SMS Marketing is one of the key to expand your business.


Facts about SMS Marketing:


Web SMS Marketing

Source: Google


  1. 75% of mobile phones worldwide are enabled to receive SMS.
    This is good news for marketers that 75% of mobile phone users can receive SMS. It’s a great opportunity to advertise your product up to the customers.
  2. An average of 50% of consumers in the US directly buy the product after receiving SMS promotion or discount coupon.
    Everyone love discount, so when you give promotion by text, they directly plan to purchase the products.
  3. SMS campaigns have over 7 times greater performance than email campaigns.
    Email marketing also important as one of marketing strategy. However, SMS marketing campaigns produce greater results than email campaigns. SMS marketing will direct read by customers, while email marketing go to promotion tab in the email.
  4. Applying SMS marketing techniques is predicted to contribute a 40% growth rate of revenues by 2017.
    BIA/Kelsey predicts a 40% growth rate of revenues gained by spending generated with SMS marketing techniques, starting from $3.2 billion in 2012 to $16.8 billion in 2017. SMS Marketing continue increase relation between of company and customers, also an effective marketing channel.
  5. Coupons delivered via SMS have redemption rates 10 times higher than those of printed coupons.
    Mobile coupons are easier for user, than traditional printed coupons. Everywhere they get SMS coupons, they can use it in time.


So, what do you wait for? Contact Moobig to promote your product!